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5 things to know for November 11: Midterm, student loans, storm damage, price, weather


Today is veterans day, a federal holiday in the United States honoring the men and women who have served in the armed forces. Regional celebrations and events are set to take place across the country to honor millions of American heroes. Admission to all US National Parks is also free today – including the most popular ones that often draw record crowds.

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Votes are still counted in critical House and Senate races that will decide who control Congress next year. In the Senate race, election officials say it can take hours — even days — to count the more than 500,000 remaining votes in Arizona and about 95,000 more in Nevada. Republicans must win two Democratic seats to win a majority in the Senate. Meanwhile, there are many key races that have still to call that will determine the future of the House in January. Republicans appear to be slowly heading towards the 218 seats that would give them a narrow victory, but incoming results from California and Colorado could ultimately determine which party control the room.

A federal judge has struck down President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, declaring it illegal. Biden’s program was already suspended due to a separate legal challenge, but a new lawsuit by a conservative group will be further delay student loan relief. On Thursday, a Texas federal judge — who was appointed by then-President Donald Trump — found that the executive branch lacked clear authorization from Congress to create the student loan forgiveness program. The Biden administration is appealing the decision. As for the 26 million borrowers who have already provided the details needed to be considered for debt cancellation, the Department of Education “will retain their information so that we can quickly process their relief once we win. in court,” said Karine Jean-, White House press secretary. Rock said in a press release.

At least four people were killed after Nicole hit Florida’s east coast as a Category 1 hurricane this week. Photos of the damage show buildings and homes that were destroyed by dangerous storm surge and strong winds. The streets remain flooded and thousands of customers are still without power this morning. Nicole weakened into a tropical depression on Thursday, according to the National Hurricane Center. However, the calming storm tracked north, moving into southwest Georgia today. It is expected to cross into the Western Carolinas later tonight. See CNN’s storm tracker here to see Nicole’s journey.

‘We’re in trouble here in Daytona’: Coastal homes are collapsing into the ocean


– Source: CNN

Americans struggling with high inflation finally get some relief at the grocery store. Overall prices jumped 12.4% in October from a year ago, but analysts at market research firm NielsenIQ say there are things to do. In fresh produce, the average price of prepared vegetable mixes fell by 68% compared to the same period last year. Many fresh seafood options are also cheaper: striped bass fell 41.8% from a year earlier, while the cost of lobster also fell 7.2%. Some packaged baked goods such as assorted bagels fell 48%. Sweet baked goods and cranberry sauce are also seeing their prices drop just in time for the holidays. And in drinks, kombucha drinks fell 22.7%. Most consumers are also not buying in bulk, analysts say, as more shoppers are opt for smaller sizes to control their spending.

grocery store shopper pandemic stew leonard's

Grocery chain CEO on food prices: ‘My crystal ball is broken’

President Biden is heading to a UN summit today where he is expected to tout his climate record. In a speech at the COP27 summit in Egypt, Biden will proclaim that the United States is back as world leader on climate change following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which included approximately $370 billion in clean energy incentives intended to reduce the use of harmful greenhouse gases. However, many of the countries attending this week’s conference are focused on another topic: demanding that climate reparations be paid from rich, high-emitting countries like the United States to smaller, poorer countries that have felt the brunt. excessive effects of climate change. Biden has struggled to win congressional support for global climate resilience funding, which would help low-income countries. And if Republicans take control of one or both chambers, the prospects for new climate legislation over the next two years look bleak.

John Kerry

John Kerry: Climate shouldn’t be about conflict with China

Russian troops leave Ukraine’s Kherson region

Russian forces have completed their withdrawal of Ukraine’s Kherson region west of the Dnipro River, including the city of Kherson, the Russian Defense Ministry said today. It comes after Moscow ordered a partial withdrawal from the region this week, marking one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s biggest military setbacks since the start of the war. Ukrainian troops walked into town today and locals were seen waving flags in the central square.

Ukrainian women on the front line amanpour pkg ovn intl hnk vpx_00033327.png

Field tool for Ukrainian female soldiers amazes Amanpour

The tallest woman in the world takes her first flight

Flying isn’t usually a comfortable experience for people taller than 7 feet… Luckily, an airline has modified several seats to help the world’s tallest woman travel easily. See pictures here.

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ hits theaters today

The long-awaited marvel movie is here – and has succeeded in the difficult task of addressing the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman.

Newly Discovered Tunnel 43 Feet Underground Could Lead To Cleopatra’s Tomb, Archaeologist Says

After Searching For The Lost Tomb Of Cleopatra For Nearly 20 Years, An Archaeologist Believes It Is very close to solving the mystery.

The most remarkable architectural photos of 2022 revealed

These stunning images are competing for top honors at the World Architecture Festival. See the gallery here.

Chris Rock will make history with Netflix’s first-ever live performance

Netflix plans to air its first-ever global live streaming event. Here’s what we know.

A single winning ticket for the record $2.04 billion Powerball lottery jackpot was sold this week in which state?


B. California


D. North Carolina

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1,203 stitches

This is how much the Dow Jones rose on Thursday, making it the best day for u.s. stocks since 2020. The boost came after new government data showed price increases eased in October. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also posted their biggest percentage gains since the spring of 2020, up 5.5% and 7.3% respectively. Wall Street is now hoping the data will be help convince the Federal Reserve reduce the size and pace of its next interest rate hikes.

“He’s someone I’ve known for a decade, and I’ve never heard an anti-Semitic word from him or, frankly, any hate directed at any group.”

– NBA commissioner Adam Silver, saying Thursday that he does not believe Kyrie Irving is anti-Semitic. Silver, who is Jewish, told The New York Times that the two had “a direct and frank conversationat league headquarters this week. Silver’s remarks come after the Brooklyn Nets suspended Irving last week for a minimum five games after doubling down on her decision to share a link to an anti-Semitic documentary with her millions of social media followers. Silver told The Times that he watched the film and concluded it was “indeed hate speech.” The NBA and the Nets will consult to decide when Irving can return from his suspension, Silver added.

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Cold front sweeps across US as remnants of Nicole bring rain to East Coast


– Source: CNN

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Meet the intern who wrote Solitaire for Microsoft

In 1988, a young Microsoft intern created a desktop game out of boredom. Little did he know it would become one of the most iconic computer games of all time. (Click here to see)