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About $680,000 in updates planned for Jefferson College Student Center | Local News

Renovation projects for the Jefferson College Student Center on the Hillsboro campus have taken a step forward.

The college’s board of trustees voted unanimously on March 11 to hire KRJ Architects of St. Louis to oversee the renovations. The company will receive 7.5% of the construction costs, estimated at $550,000.

The total cost of the project, including contingencies and furniture, is estimated at $680,000. The project will be funded by CARES Act money, college staff reported.

The project includes renovating the student center to distribute offices and staff, as well as creating a suite of admissions offices open and accessible to the public, staff reported.

“Social distancing is a big reason for the project,” said college president Dena McCaffrey. “Being able to meet students one-on-one is extremely important.”

McCaffrey said a big part of the project calls for some of the upstairs offices to be moved to the ground floor, which is largely occupied by a cafeteria.

“We’re actually looking to move some functions out of the facility,” she said. “For example, our student government and clubs are moved to the lower level containing the cafeteria. The cafeteria is large enough to share space with other functions.

The cafeteria will remain open during the work, McCaffrey said.

“He only offered transportation during the COVID pandemic. I think that will continue throughout the semester,” she said.

McCaffrey said she doesn’t yet know when construction will begin, but she expects the project to be finished before the start of the next fall semester.

“We think it will be done by mid-summer,” she said.

The council has not yet solicited bids for the construction, but will do so at an upcoming meeting, McCaffrey said.

Preparatory actions have started. “Our advisors have already moved into the Technology Center building,” McCaffrey said.