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AI makes personalized student lifecycle management possible

In today’s higher education landscape, universities place students at the center of their activities. Student lifecycle management is essential for long-term sustainability as institutions continue to evolve and remain relevant in a complex and competitive industry. However, understanding how to make every touchpoint count becomes increasingly difficult as the student population grows.

To improve lifecycle management for its more than 35,000 students, La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, embarked on the implementation of Informatica Customer 360an AI-powered cloud-native SaaS solution that will allow the school to have a single view of each student.

“Informatica’s Customer 360 enables us to have a single source of truth, a holistic 360-degree view of data that we can trust across our entire organization for data analysis and insights,” said Anthony Perera, director of data and analytics at La Trobe University. .

La Trobe University is undertaking a multi-phase Customer 360 implementation to eliminate gaps in the student data system, improve student lifecycle processes, and improve student decision-making. She simplified, mastered and governed her datasets on each student file with the Customer 360 SaaS application.

“With Informatica’s Customer 360 solution deployed on the IDMC platform, the SaaS solution enables La Trobe University to achieve a faster return on investment with faster deployment while empowering data users with the self-service function to access the data they need in the broader visibility and consistency that is This, in turn, creates a better relationship of trust with students and improves the student experience and the rates of retention through consistent use of high-quality data across the University,” said Richard Scott, vice president and general manager, Informatica Australia and New Zealand.

Customer 360 should also enable a 360 degree view of student data, followed by Reference 360 for master data management throughout its lifecycle and data governance to adhere to the La Trobe University Data Governance Policy. With a gold student record in a single 360-degree view, the University can leverage trusted data across the organization to create personalized, targeted communications that match individual student needs and increase engagement with each student.

“We can have greater peace of mind and not have to worry about data, which frees up our time to take care of more strategic tasks. In addition, having reliable and high-quality data allows us to optimize our marketing campaign efforts and become even more successful at engaging our students at every stage of their journey with us – from student recruitment and enrollment to graduation and beyond. La Trobe’s belief in the pursuit of sustainable practices and innovation,” concluded Perera.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Prostock-Studio