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Aiming to disrupt the accessory tech market, leading student accommodation platform University Living announces global expansion and plans to hire over 400 members by FY23

New Delhi, India, November 11: University Living, one of the world’s leading student housing platforms, has announced its global expansion to achieve accelerated growth at a CAGR of 120%. The brand’s new offerings would include helping students open student bank accounts, secure internships and gain access to Indian food services.

The services are in addition to those existing at University Living to facilitate accommodation, guarantor services, Forex, assistance with room essentials, provision of health and travel insurance, transfers of money, airport pick-up, international SIM cards, luggage storage and education loans, as well as smoothing the job search and food ordering process.

To support its goals, the company also revealed plans to expand the size of its team by adding over 400 new members. With its latest expansion plans, the company’s hiring rate has increased by 80% compared to last year. Hiring will focus on securing candidates for post-admission support and business development. The company is also looking for people trained in the application of technological tools to regulate current affairs in order to facilitate its expansion.

The platform, launched with the vision to standardize the student accommodation, prop-tech and travel-tech industries through a SaaS-based inventory management system, made the announcement to achieve its goal. to help students around the world gain access to better facilities.

University Living has made a presence in places like the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and Europe and has hired several young professionals with a passion for technology and innovation. The platform plans to expand and start operations in the United States, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Germany.

Mr. Saurabh Arora, Founder and CEO of University Living, said, “At University Living, our goal is to help students find their perfect living space. We believe integrating technology into the unregulated housing search system will give the sector the stability and direction it deserves. At the same time, we are focused on creating jobs and reducing attrition rates by keeping employees happy and engaged. Our expansion and hiring plans take these two factors into account. We look forward to enhancing our value proposition, including services and support segments for students around the world, based on our current expansion campaign. »

Launched in 2015, University Living is a smart recovery platform that offers a managed global student housing marketplace. It helps students from all over the world find suitable and secure accommodation near their university campuses.

Although student accommodation is at the heart of its activities, it also aims to facilitate the entire student journey and make it a seamless experience. Based in Delhi, they have a 150-member team working to reinvent their services to improve user experience and digitally transform the education journey abroad.