Student center

Annual Shabbat 200 dinner scheduled for Nov. 11 at Lory Student Center

The dinner was also recognized with an award for Student Leadership, Participation, and Community Engagement (SLiCE), which provides an important connection between students and their surrounding communities.

Organizers said part of the LSC’s kitchen will be kosher according to Jewish law and tradition, and then the meal will be prepared under the supervision of the rabbi. This will take place on Wednesday, November 6 in the LSC kitchen for anyone interested in observing. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Launched by the Jewish student organization Chabad at SUNY Binghamton more than 20 years ago, Shabbat 100, 200…1000 is perhaps the most ambitious program ever launched by a Jewish student organization, organizers say. The goal is to unite a diverse mass of students in a meaningful experience by bringing the Chabad Shabbat dinner experience to a wider audience. To this day, hundreds of colleges across America hold these Shabbats.

“Shabbat 100…1000 has proven to be a powerful catalyst in both energizing Jewish life on campus and creating multicultural diversity,” said Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik, academic advisor for the Chabad Jewish Student Organization. “It has served as a portal to the campus community for thousands of students who were previously uninvolved in a discussion that spans three millennia.”

CSU student Chaia Geltser added that she was looking forward to attending the dinner. “I am incredibly excited to bring our small Jewish minority together on the CSU campus for this Shabbat 200 dinner,” she said. “It’s always such a joy to be able to see students bonding and connecting about their heritage, family background and religion. It’s also an amazing opportunity to connect with our non-Jewish friends, peers and colleagues. We We created this event for purely educational purposes so that each participant feels welcomed, comfortable and included.