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Are all student suicides due to failing exams? NCRB data reveals new details – Edexlive

A few weeks before his suicide attempt, Jakkula Anjith of Karimnagar had gone through the first phase of engineering consulting. They had urged the junior college management to release his certificates which had been withheld until he cleared the pending fees, a report on The new Indian Express.

Another student studying at IIIT Basara ended his life due to personal issues.

These were among more than 3,600 students who died by suicide in Telangana from 2014 to 2021, according to data collected by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). No less than 567 students committed suicide in 2021 alone.

Hakku Initiative, a platform that works on solutions with citizens and governments on behalf of the Institute of Perception Studies, collected data from students who died by suicide after state formation from the report on Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) published by NCRB.

The ADSI report found that only a small percentage of suicides in the state were due to exam failure. For example, 51 students died for this reason in 2021. “Rising fees, poor infrastructure and fear of unemployment add to their stress,” said Hakku volunteer Kota Neelima.

Living conditions and financial problems can lead to stress, but not having space to talk about feelings and anxieties often leads young people to depression.

The YouTuber Who Killed Himself
“I once wrote in my class II diary that one day I would like to jump off the roof of my apartment and die. Guess what I got for that? my parents,” a 23-year-old engineering student and YouTuber, who died by suicide in Saifabad, wrote on his social media account.

“I didn’t know my son was struggling so much,” his father said with tears in his eyes. “I didn’t hear about his YouTube channel until after he died. He didn’t go to college, never attended pujas and parties at home. If I had known of his depression, I would have taken immediate action to close the communication gap between us.,’ he added.

He expected his son to become a successful businessman.

Mental health issues in children often go undiagnosed. An alarming proportion of young people suffer from anxiety and depression. However, most of them do not know where to turn and how to get help. Students these days suffer a lot due to peer pressure. It can be to fit in with a particular group at school, to study or to spread them via social networks.

Experts weigh
“Usually, the frontal lobe of the brain is not well developed in adolescents, which leads to a lack of decision-making ability. Children have strong impulsiveness and aggressiveness, especially during their adolescence. At the same time, the stress of studies, peer pressure and unstable relationships with parents, friends and romantic relationships culminate in anxiety,” says Dr. M Hrishikesh Giriprasad, Associate Professor in the Department of Child Psychiatry at Niloufer Hospital.

Over the past eight to ten years, stress among teens has increased due to study pattern, family issues, and the easy availability of intoxicants. Comorbid conditions such as family conflict, criminal history also play a role, observed Dr. Giriprasad.

Notably, eight-year NCRB data shows that more male students have died by suicide. “Overall, more men die by suicide than women. Sometimes boys or men do it because they use more violent means,” says Dr. Anand Narayan, psychologist and volunteer at Roshni Counseling. Center. Impulsivity is higher in men. Suicide is usually a very spontaneous reaction to a situation and it usually results from extreme disappointment, he added.

What does the overall suicide rate look like
Overall, India recorded the highest suicide rate in 2021 in history. Experts believe that many cases are still underreported. Even though Maharashtra reports the highest number of suicides, developed states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana are not far behind.

“There are more opportunities and aspirations open in developed states. When the standard of living of students is higher, the pressure to earn money also increases,” Dr. Anand explained.

Because it is a taboo subject, mental health is not treated with as much emphasis as physical health. “We don’t have enough mental health professionals. At the same time, there is no one who can provide emotional support,” Dr Anand said.

A teacher, friend, or relative can also be a counselor as long as they are willing to listen to those going through a difficult time. In a country where there is a shortage of counselors in private and educational institutions, each of us must play a role.

According to the report, here are data on the number of reported suicide cases in India:

In 2014 :
– 162 females
– 191 men
– 353 total suicides

In 2015 :
– 214 females
– 277 men
– 491 total suicides

In 2016:
– 135 females
– 214 males
– 349 total suicides

In 2017:
– 217 females
– 287 males
– 504 total suicides

In 2018:
– 196 females
– 232 males
– 353 total suicides

In 2019:
– 177 females
– 249 males
– 426 total suicides

In 2020:
– 184 females
– 305 males
– 489 total suicides

In 2021:
– 227 females
– 340 males
– 567 total suicides

People struggling with depression or feeling suicidal can call the Roshni helpline numbers 81420 20033 or 81420 20044 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and get free, confidential, unconditional emotional support.