Student center

Asbury announces student center renovation

Asbury University will begin renovations to the Student Center (STUCE) the week before fall vacation.

The lower level, or basement, of STUCE will be the first level to be renovated. All student center activities will be allowed to continue throughout the fall semester, albeit accompanied by construction noise.

STUCE will be completely offline during the spring semester of 2022, due to construction and interior renovations.

Updated and rebuilt student center plans allow for a larger HICCUP space with expansive service counters and seating, a built-in stage for occasional events, and a new sound system.

The renovations will also bring the Campus Post Office (CPO), the Eagle Outlet and a lounge for the Intercultural Living Program into the Student Center, as well as the addition of an elevator, to improve accessibility.

Along with the STUCE renovations, Asbury is also beginning construction of an outdoor dining area.

Located between the STUCE and the dining room, the new space will offer a patio-style seating section with immediate access to the cafeteria. Students will be able to swipe their lunch and get food, then gather outside for seating, if desired.

The conclusion and reveal of the STUCE and outdoor dining projects will coincide with Asbury’s ongoing CLC STEM building, which will open by fall 2022.

Asbury President Kevin Brown said in a campus-wide email: “My commitment is to do what I can to maintain the continuity of the student community, in other words, to maintain and provide spaces for gathering, socializing, study, etc.,” continues Brown, “There will be more information in the coming days, but I wanted to update you on our upcoming plans and how it will benefit the University of Asbury in the coming days.