Student center

Auburn University administrators to rename student center Friday | Education

» Approval of the installation of a recording studio at Goodwin Hall, at a cost of $1.3 million;

» Renovation of the Ham Wilson Arena into training and demonstration spaces for the career development of campus staff;

» Hiring an architect to design the proposed STEM and agricultural science complex, as part of the university’s plan to replace STEM and agricultural science-related facilities that “have exceeded their useful life and are inadequate in terms of size, accessibility and modern functionality,” according to briefing notes provided to board members;

green light for Harbert College of Business planning to renovate Lowder Hall space into two 50-seat financial labs “…dedicated to developing life skills essential in the financial services industry, such as investment banking , asset management and sales and trading,” according to the briefing notes.


No formal action regarding faculty complaints about teaching plans for the next semester is on the agenda.

More than 500 faculty members met via Zoom recently on Tuesday to discuss what to do about their lingering concerns about Provost Bill Hardgrave and his insistence on resuming mostly in-person classes in the spring.