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Bank of America Announces 2022 Amarillo Student Leaders | New

Amarillo, TX – Bank of America today announced that two Randall High School seniors have been selected as Student Leaders® (#BofAStudentLeaders), an eight-week summer internship that provides students with first-hand experience serving their communities. These students began their paid internship experience on workforce skills, leadership and civic engagement with the Maverick Boys & Girls Club. Under the program, they will earn $17 per hour and receive a Chromebook. This year, students will have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in in-person activities as part of the internship.

Without access to professional skills development opportunities like the Student Leaders program, many young people may be left behind in a rapidly changing labor market, leading to higher youth unemployment rates. Along with the Student Leaders Program, Bank of America partners with the Wesley Community Center and Maverick Boys & Girls Clubs to fund paid jobs and internships as part of its commitment to workforce development as a pathway to economic mobility.

“Bank of America remains committed to supporting young adults by connecting them with jobs, community engagement opportunities and leadership development,” said Ashley Allen, President of Bank of America Amarillo. “We recognize that young adults are the future of Amarillo, which is why programs like Student Leaders are a way to provide students with paid opportunities to gain work experience while developing a diverse pipeline of talent at as they enter the local labor market.”

Amarillo Bank of America’s Class of 2022 Student Leaders are:

Kaylee Loya, Senior, Randall High School

Kaeliegh Miller, Senior, Randall High School

These two students were selected for their leadership, background, passion and commitment to the community.

· Kaylee is a member of the school orchestra management team and has performed competitively during all four years of her time at Randall High. She has also volunteered with local organizations like the Washington Family Center and hopes her time as a student leader will give her the tools to succeed in a variety of situations and work with people from all walks of life.

· Kaeleigh also participated in the group in addition to being president of the Randall High chapter of the Key Club. Through the chapter and other charities, Kaeleigh has been an active member of the community and is passionate about conserving water for the Texas Panhandle.

Launched in 2004, the Student Leaders program annually recognizes 300 community-oriented juniors and seniors across the United States. Amarillo-based student leaders participate in a program that includes a collaborative mentorship-focused project with the Maverick Boys & Girls Club, as the organization serves more than 1,000 girls and boys in the area, providing a safe and nurturing environment for young people at risk. grow and connect with their community. Bank of America student leaders will also participate in a virtual leadership summit, hosted in partnership with the Close Up Foundation. The summit will include opportunities to engage with congressional leaders, hear from civil and human rights leaders, and Stanford University’s Young Democracy at Home program that encourages conversation about current issues facing young people in ‘today.

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