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Best Student Management Software in 2022

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student management software

Imagine messy tuition records, missing exams, inaccurate class attendance, or even confusing schedules? Here are some of the reasons school principals insist on the best student management software.

You see, running an educational institution is naturally challenging.

And it is common knowledge that things are much worse without a robust record keeping system.

If the parents are not on your neck, they will be demoralized teachers who will protest to you daily against the deceptive timetable. Or students protesting missing or incorrect grades. And such chaos.

In short, school management software is a must for successfully leading a school to the heights of success.

What is student management software?

Also known as Student Information Systems (SIS) or Student Records System (SRS), these are software programs created to manage day-to-day school operations.

They do this with features like attendance tracking, schedule creation, gradebooks, parent portals, library management, e-learning integration, and more.

There are free and commercial options. Some are desktop programs while others are feature-rich, cloud-based student information systems.

What is the role of student management software?

Software is very important in bringing order and precision to running schools. Automation also saves time, reduces overhead and other waste, and increases efficiency.

This attracts more goodwill (and student numbers) while smooth running can be the first step towards future academic success.

After checking from afar, we finally settled on the best student management software. Here is a brief overview.


It is a premium student management application and comes as a powerful standalone program.

Headaches like monitoring class attendance are well taken care of with attendance reports instantly available in your office.

When it comes to lessons and scheduling, this gives you full control over class/subject setup. You can first adjust the units and customize the grade scales according to your school values.

Plus, it lets you configure assessments and report cards/transcripts as you see fit.

The highly customizable advice section is also perfect. It offers administrators a flexible way to track discipline by logging incidents.

There’s comprehensive lesson planning, a feature to collect lead information from the school’s website, and another to track student medical records.

Others include a flexible accounting module to help you understand dollars.

With almost everything you could possibly need, this easy-to-use software should help your school fulfill its mission.

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It takes school administration to the next level by introducing smart statistics to help you make smart decisions.

Like GradeLink, it apparently has all the essentials: from attendance records, discipline, expense tracking, an adaptable gradebook tool, all the way to vaccinations.

Academic assignment management and curriculum design are the other features.

The program registration feature is seamless with its simple registration and re-registration steps.

The intuitive interface (including the mobile interface) is quite impressive, while printing is also made easier with the print styles.

Teachers, parents and students are also kept informed with notifications and quick alerts.

You can also create custom reports for each staff member based on their role.

Its other appeal is the outstanding customer support team that works with you until you understand how it works.

In summary, this platform offers unlimited possibilities.

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fedena student management software

If you are looking for a free and solid school management software, then federa deserves your ears.

Its performance and abilities rival the best and leave you wondering how they could afford to give away all this greatness for free!

Again, it’s quite flexible: for example, you configure and manage all your courses and bundles to match your existing school systems.

Then you are able to create error-free schedules in minutes to ensure you maximize the availability of your teachers and other employees.

When it comes to admissions, you can customize the forms to help attract only the students who are the best fit for your school.

At the same time, the color-coded Fedena calendar keeps users informed of all happenings around the institution.

The reports are as detailed as any other, whether they relate to students, employees, fee schedules, and courses.

Parents, on the other hand, use their secure logins to easily track various student reports, including attendance and results.

In reality, Fedena is more than just a student information system and a practical time saver.

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infinite campus

An award-winning SIS, Infinite Campus remains one of the most scalable and reliable options on the entire market.

The idea behind the app is to help K12 schools better serve their students and instantly interact with different stakeholders.

Not only do the built-in features make data entry easier, they also ensure that it is immediately available to any district or charter.

Just to mention, the program is built on a tiered architecture and will support districts and charters whether they have fewer than twenty students or more than 300,000 students (scaling is straightforward).

We also like the sleek design that allows all administrative functions to be seamlessly integrated into the platform, meaning you can do everything from a single window.

Still, navigation is easy and you should have your courses up and running without too much hassle.

Interestingly, while many have voted it one of the best, the company isn’t resting on its laurels and continues to release free updates to make it even better.

Overall, Infinite Campus is an accomplished choice for those looking for the peace of mind and professionalism needed to bring their institution to the threshold of success.

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Long gone are the days when grades, notes, schedules and all operations were done manually.

Instead, schools are turning to the best student management software in droves to make things easier.

As a result, there is more effectiveness, efficiency and harmony.

And the end results are there for all to see. So why not join the winning teams?