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Better and Brighter: Bone Student Center Revitalized – News

The first phase of Bone Student Center’s transformational revitalization was completed during the spring semester, with other work completed throughout the summer. Visitors can expect to see a more open and inviting concept for the building which has not undergone any major upgrades since it opened in October 1973. Entrances have been reconfigured and improvements on the east side now allow the Bone Student Center to provide a gateway.
on campus.

State of Illinois: Summer 2019

A three-story addition on the east side includes a reception office and a new lobby; Barnes & Noble relocated to Illinois State University; The Atrium; and a space housing the Admissions Office’s Welcome Center and Campus Presentation Room. Brown Ballroom has been updated and can now be split into three separate areas to allow for more versatility. A foyer was added to the ballroom to accommodate pre-event activities. New food locations added include Starbucks, Qdoba, and The Landing.

The second phase of the work involves moving a catering kitchen to the first floor. The vacated kitchen on the second floor will be transformed into offices for the office of the Dean of Students, including student activities and participation; Direction; Fraternity and Sorority Life; and University Program Council.

The third and final phase includes the creation of a three-site dining venue on the second floor, with Star Ginger and Timbers Grille joining Qdoba, which opened in March. The revitalization project announced in 2015 is expected to be completed in 2020.