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Cases of student suicide are increasing alarmingly

45 students commit suicide each month with a total number of 364 incidents in eight months

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09 September 2022 16:31:17

As many as 364 college students have committed suicide in the last eight months of this year, highlighting the bleak picture or vulnerable mental condition of young people across the country, according to a new survey released on Friday.

The data indicates that an average of 45 students committed suicide per month.

Aachol Foundation, a youth-led organization based at the University of Dhaka, collected data from 150 national and local newspapers and online portals across the country and compiled it.

Dhaka, the capital, ranks first in terms of suicide. In the past eight months, 25.27% of students there have committed suicide.

Suicide rates among primary and secondary school students are the highest. Some 53.30% of school-aged students (elementary to secondary) committed suicide. The number of such suicides is around 194 while 76 students died by suicide, recording the second place. No less than 50 university students, on the other hand, committed suicide. 44 Madrasa students met their tragic end of life.

Female students continue to outnumber male suicides, accounting for 60.71% of all suicides, or 221 people.

According to the results of the survey, the tendency to suicide is most marked among 13 to 20 year olds, at 78.6%. 13.46% of students in the age group of 21 to 26 have opted for suicide.

Romantic motives are mainly implicated. A maximum of 25.27% of students sell their life for romantic reasons. 7.42% committed suicide because they could not afford a digital device and 6.59% because of family disputes.

About 4.67% committed suicide as a result of rape or sexual harassment. 3.57% chose this path due to mental health issues. The reason for 15.93% of suicides is unknown.

Some students who commit suicide have been observed expressing their depression or withdrawal on social media before committing suicide.

Eight of them took their own lives by posting on Facebook while two others took their own lives via video call. Additionally, 0.27% of lovers committed suicide by pointing the selfie camera at themselves. Additionally, eight people committed suicide by leaving suicide notes before they died.

Suicide is also the result of cybercrime.

A similar curse befell the four students who committed suicide. Four students have committed suicide after being blackmailed into recording offensive photos and videos on their mobile phones.

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