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Central Michigan University partners with iGrad to provide personalized financial literacy platform for students

San Diego, California, March 15, 2022 — ( — iGrad has partnered with Central Michigan University to provide its personalized, interactive, online, and mobile student financial wellness platform to nearly 15 000 public university undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

iGrad’s platform at CMU includes comprehensive personalized and interactive information on everything from building and maintaining good credit, to budgeting and money management, to loan/debt management student and loan calculators.

Taylor Nelson, a graduate assistant at Central Michigan University’s Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center, said she chose the iGrad platform because it’s easy to use and covers topics students will want to learn more about, such as paying off a loan, budgeting for a pet, and how mortgages work.

“The resources available through iGrad can help students learn how to better manage their personal finances and student loans so they can plan for their financial future with more confidence,” Nelson said.

iGrad is an interactive, mobile-friendly platform to help students conquer student loan repayment, commit to a budget, optimize their credit scores, succeed in their job search, and achieve financial success with confidence. trust. It is part of CMU’s Financial Wellness Collaborative, which aims to instill confidence in students in their own financial decision-making and to ensure that they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure their financial well-being throughout throughout their lives, at any stage of their financial education.

Research shows that student financial literacy programs can reduce financial stress, improve academic performance, and teach students how to manage their finances for life.

With declining enrollment and graduation rates across the country, strengthening student financial literacy is a priority for many colleges and universities. Since the start of the pandemic, college enrollment has fallen 5.1%, with “unprecedented” declines among students in low-income or very poor high schools, according to a new report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Data from the National Center for Education Statistics shows that even before the pandemic, the graduation rate for all students nationwide was only around 62%.

“Now more than ever, students face tremendous financial challenges that impact enrollment, retention and the level of student debt, which is already the second largest category of debt in the country,” said iGrad Vice President of Business Development Donna Miller. .

iGrad is currently used by more than 600 public and private colleges and universities of all sizes, including San Jose State University, Grand Valley State University, UC Berkeley, New York University, and Davidson College.

iGrad personalizes financial information based on each student’s situation and needs. It also offers:
● Tools, quizzes, videos, articles and a media content library.
● A student loan tracker that aggregates student loan balances and estimates monthly payments, helping prepare students for these payments after graduation.
● Because it adapts to the unique situation of each user, it can even offer interactive educational content on retirement and mortgages to those who need it.

About iGrad
iGrad is a San Diego-based financial technology company that provides artificial intelligence-powered financial wellness solutions to more than 600 colleges and universities, more than 20,000 employers, and more than 300 financial institutions. iGrad’s Your Money Personality™ was recently recognized by the Institute for Financial Literacy with the 2020 Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Adult Education Program of the Year award. iGrad is one of three 2020 winners of the inaugural Barron’s Celebrates: Financial Empowerment, having been selected by a team of judges for its contributions to improving the financial health and security of Americans. iGrad was also awarded the 2019 Eddy Award for Financial Wellbeing by Pensions & Investments for its Enrich platform. For more information on the iGrad platform, visit For more information on the Enrich platform for employers and financial institutions, visit

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