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Clark Student Center goes all out with this year’s Halloween party – The Wichitan

Halloween is a time of year when people can dress up and become someone they wouldn’t normally be. On Thursday, October 28, the Clark Student Center held a Halloween party to give MSU students this chance to dress up and become unrecognizable. This party included many different events that the students were able to participate in. Some of these events had prizes that came with winning.

“It involves art, sports and games,” said freshman social work student Ashli ​​Gafford.

The party took place in the atrium of the Clark Student Center, where decorations and food were set up. The decorations consisted of pumpkins, cobwebs, pumpkins, tombstones and spooky figures. Other organizations were present, such as Kappa Pi which distributed gift bags to all the students present.

“The decorations are really beautiful…they really went above and beyond thinking about the decorations,” said Tasha Fields, a sophomore in radiological technologies.

Headstone decorations help set the mood at CSC’s Halloween party on October 28th. (Lauren Colpitts)

The evening featured many events, including the donut contest, mystery monster contest, glow-in-the-dark ping pong contest, wood painting, costume contest, and pumpkin bowling. The students were eager to compete against each other, but in the end, only one can win. The first winner was mechanical engineering junior Danya Phillip, who won the donut eating contest. She was followed by zoology junior Krystifer Ross, who won the phosphorescent ping pong contest. Shortly after, the Murder Mystery Contest took place, leading Group 1 to win.

Freshman theater student Eli Kuzmack tries to eat a donut without using his hands during the donut contest at CSC's Halloween party.
Freshman theater student Eli Kuzmack tries to eat a donut without using his hands during the Donut Eating Contest at CSC’s Halloween party, Oct. 28. (Lauren Colpitts)

“The murder mystery has been interesting, I was always watching criminal minds and stuff like that with my mom, so I think it’s really fun…it’s the most hyped part of the event,” said first-year geoscience student Christa Pegram.

There was wood painting, which included decorating Halloween ornaments as well as pumpkin bowling, which allowed students to roll pumpkins to knock down bowling pins. Students bounced and anticipated whether a pumpkin could actually roll in a vertical line to knock down the number of pins they wanted. Pumpkin bowling made students feel accomplished by winning a goody bag or cup when they were done playing.

“I really enjoy the different things there are to do, like painting on wood that had to do with the theme; there was also ping pong and the donut eating contest,” Reyes said.

The evening ended with a costume contest. Students had the opportunity to dress up as characters of their choice and the judges then chose the best one. There were many characters from different categories, such as movies and shows. A student dressed as Raven from “Teen Titans Go,” her outfit won one of many categories in the costume contest. Other students went all out by dressing up as Chucky, Micheal Myers, Harley Quinn, Lucifer, Kocho Shinobu, Sabrina from the show”Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”Pokémon, werewolves and other Halloween favourites.

“Halloween all the way…let’s do it year round,” Fields said.