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Clarkson Graduate Student Wins Sisu Award at International Indoor Air Quality and Climate Conference

Mahender Singh Rawat presents from his hospital bed after breaking his leg in Finland. He received the Sisu award at the conference.

Mahender Singh Rawat, a graduate student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, working under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Ferro, won the Sisu Award at the 2022 Indoor Air Conference.

During the conference held in Kuopio, Finland, he broke his leg and had surgery; Yet, he was still able to give his oral presentation from the hospital just two days after the operation, proving his perseverance and dedication to his studies, which earned him the sisu award. Sisu is a Finnish concept described as stoic determination, courage, resilience and hardiness, or perseverance in a task that, to some, may seem crazy to undertake.

Mahender’s presentation reviewed work on respiratory aerosol emissions in which he analyzed the impact of frequency and intensity on the rate of particle production. The results of this study demonstrate that the production of respiratory particles increases with both vocal intensity and phonation frequency.

Indoor Air 2022 was the 17th international conference of the International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate organized by the University of Eastern Finland and the Finnish Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate. The Indoor Air Conference Series attracts researchers and other professionals from the fields of indoor air quality, built environments, HVAC, health sciences, public health policy, chemistry , biology, psychology, urban planning, mechanical engineering, architecture and building design and management to discuss the latest scientific advances and ongoing research in the field.