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College, UC Davis receives grant to increase student transfer rates

Sacramento City College (SCC) and the University of California, Davis, jointly received a two-year grant from the American Association of Community Colleges Equity Transfer Initiative increase transfer rates among African American, Hispanic and first generation students.

SCC and UC Davis are uniquely positioned to provide a direct pipeline and partnership for the transfer given the long-standing relationship between the two institutions, which includes the Sacramento City College Davis Center on the UC Davis campus. On average, CSC has approximately 20,000 students enrolled in a typical fall term. The student demographics reflect a diverse community with 33.1% of Hispanic students and 10% of African American students.

Working closely with UC Davis, CSC will provide overall leadership for the planning and management of objectives and expected results. The grant of $ 27,500 will be used to create a pathway to a successful transfer for African American, Hispanic and first generation students.

The path to a bachelor’s degree will begin with SCC’s outreach to prospective students, with an emphasis on majors who have existing transfer agreements with UC Davis. For students starting at SCC, the college will strive to establish additional support services to guide students from application through transfer to UC Davis. These services will include access to counselors and transfer representatives who can help keep a student on track with their courses and create cohorts for students where they can build relationships with other transfer students. After students transfer to UC Davis, the university will continue to work with students until graduation.

“Working on equity and addressing racism is a priority at Sacramento City College,” said Michael Gutierrez, president of Sacramento City College. “Our leadership team and the entire college are committed to ensuring success for African American / Black, Hispanic / Latinx, and first generation students, which includes improving the pathway for our students to progress to the next level. top universities such as UC Davis. ”

SCC and UC Davis are one of only two California teams to receive the grant. The Equity Transfer Initiative grant is awarded to teams made up of at least one community college and one university. Each team must place at least 100 students on one of their identified transfer paths at the end of the first year and 300 or more in total at the end of the second year.

“We are deeply committed to programs to increase the successful transfer rate of underrepresented students, including African American, Hispanic and first generation learners,” said UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May. “We believe that this type of diversity enriches our community with new perspectives and priorities. “

UC Davis is a leader in providing student transfer opportunities, and 23% of its enrolled undergraduates have been admitted as transfer students. The work supported by the grant will help meet a University of California goal of increasing the number of academically prepared community college students who move on to UC and earn a bachelor’s degree.