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Common Council denies SU tax exemptions for Schine Student Center

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The Syracuse City Council on Monday rejected a deal that would have made Syracuse University’s Schine Student Center and its dining properties tax-exempt starting next year.

Between municipal, school, and county taxes on the 200-10 Waverly Ave. property, the legislation would have removed $4,860,000 from the city’s tax base. The legislation was part of a larger tax fix for the university, which the board later passed after dropping the exemption.

Councilor Michael Greene led the majority of the college tax cut discussion for Schine. Although he supported the comprehensive motion the amendment was under, he did not support the center’s tax cut because it is home to franchises like Dunkin’ Donuts and Panda Express, which are open to the public.

Hogan likened Schine’s retail locations to a mall and pointed out that all business activity at SU has traditionally been taxed. Hogan gave no specific example of this activity.

He also urged board members to consider the millions of dollars the League has in its endowment.

“Syracuse University is an integral part of this community. We all support the League,” said Councilman Patrick Hogan, who opposed the legislation. “But sometimes Syracuse University chooses to push the limits of our tolerance.”

Other business:

Amir Gethers, who is still awaiting trial on domestic violence charges, proposed four items, including an amendment allocating $625,000 for the ongoing maintenance for approximately three years of several city parking structures, which was passed by 5 votes to 4.

The board has earmarked $12,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funding for “Grant Management Services.”

Council unanimously agrees to allocate $50,000 to Marsh Mill Ranch, which provides deer meat to residents of homeless shelters, as part of the city’s tick and deer management plan .