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At Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, a Daemen University student celebrates his graduation with his family in 2022.

Photo courtesy of Daemen University

Amid headlines about college graduates drowning in debt, Daemen University has a range of financial aid and a comprehensive strategy to place graduates in jobs.

The university also has one of the lowest default rates in the country, which means its students borrow far less than the national average and get jobs that allow them to repay any loan quickly and efficiently.

Making college affordable and promoting student financial well-being is a big part of Daemen’s education, says Dr. Greg Nayor, Ph.D., Daemen’s senior vice president for strategic initiatives.

While Daemen’s tuition and fees are among the lowest in the Buffalo area, its wide range of degree programs — from health sciences to liberal arts — are among the highest ranked and highly regarded. of the region, he adds.

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In short, a Daemen degree is recognized as superior value – marketable to employers and profitable.

Summer Institute PT 202245.jpg

A high school student attends Daemen’s first ever Physiotherapy Summer Institute in the summer of 2022 which introduced young people to the profession – and awarded them college credits and a college scholarship.

Photo courtesy of Daemen University

Support for every student

Each student at the private university receives aid, based on merit and financial need, Nayor says. Amherst University was one of the first in the area to hold a scholarship competition, known as Scholar’s Day, in the spring. For more than a decade, students have won full rides, and every year eight of them win major scholarships to cover tuition and other expenses.

The overall result of Daemen’s aid program is that many students pay the same or slightly less than they would in public institutions.

Worried about tuition inflation? The university has a four-year tuition guarantee program.

It works as follows: students submit all their documents before November 1st. The university lets them know if they are accepted and what the financial aid program looks like. If students commit before a deadline, usually around December 20, they lock in their tuition for four years.

Summer Institute PT 202218.jpg

Recognized as one of the region’s top educators in the health professions, the Daemen campus offers a range of facilities and labs for students.

Photo courtesy of Daemen University

About 20% to 25% of the incoming class use the program, but Nayor wants to boost that.

Daemen is offering $2,000 scholarships to students who have participated in the New York State Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) program for high school students.

Another program is the Sibling Scholarships.

“Often, parents realize after sending a child that they will send a second or third. They can get an extra $3,000 a year,” he says. “It even works for twins and triplets.”

The 1-2-1 Nursing Program allows students to take their core first-year courses on campus. They then turn to partner community colleges, which have lower tuition rates. In their fourth year, they attend classes at Daemen, but their tuition is reduced by 50%.

To keep costs down, students in Daemen’s animation and graphic design programs receive a laptop computer for their first year, as well as software.

Daemen strongly integrates internships and career opportunities.

“As soon as they arrive, we talk about career opportunities and exploration,” explains Nayor. “Tell us what interests you, someone can work to connect you with an opportunity.”

Students get internships in work-study positions to earn course credit or pay. An annual career expo attracts 75-100 companies, helping students make professional connections.

Hall of the Rosary10.jpeg

Students walk past Rosary Hall on the Daemen campus, where the university was founded 75 years ago and has become one of WNY’s top-ranked institutions of higher education.

Photo courtesy of Daemen University

Regarding the student debt crisis, “we are not letting students take out more loans than they can handle. We are very intentional about this,” says Nayor. “While the national debt ratio is 11%, Daemen’s is less than 4%.”

Daemen bills himself as Western New York’s premier health science educator. Nayor says the first pass rate for nursing students taking board exams is between the mid-90s and even 100% in some years – well above the national average.

Daemen also has strong graduate programs, and many students can earn a master’s degree, including an MBA or master’s degree in public health. The university also offers strong programs in marketing and supply chain management.

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