Student center

Dartmouth College’s new faculty and graduate student center completed

Anonymous Hall, a $28 million, 32,995 square foot faculty and graduate center named for alumni and friends who quietly supported the college for two centuries, was completed on the campus of Dartmouth College. The project reuses and adds to a vacant 1960s library in the heart of North Campus’ walled quadrangle to create a new administrative and social center for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Part of the project included demolishing an unused lab to make way for an addition that reorients the building to create campus connections to the south. The additions house the lobby and a cafe with an adjacent terrace overlooking a putting green.

The upper floors of the building include college faculty offices, classrooms, student interactive gathering places. A walk-in graduate student lounge on the lower level opens to a screened courtyard under a pedestrian bridge.

Anonymous Hall has emphasized energy efficiency, attempting to achieve 2030 energy performance with the 1960s building. The highly insulated building features lightweight post-framed exterior walls that support a light earthen rain screen baked and combine 6″ of continuous dual-density rockwool insulation with 5 1/2″ of rockwool in the cavities to provide an effective U-value. of 0.033, double code required thermal resistance. The roof system provides minimum continuous R-60 insulation with an average effective U-value of 0.014 or nearly triple the thermal resistance required by code. Advanced glazing and a highly responsive radiant heating and cooling system with dedicated fan and air assisted natural ventilation, served by central chilled and hot water loops are also included.

Spiral staircase Anonymous Hall

“With its efficient and high-tech curtain wall; solar canopy; and high R-value walls, the carbon savings exceed all expectations, and design models show that the project’s energy consumption is approaching net zero,” said Director-in-Charge Josiah Stevenson, Leers Weinzapfel, in a press release.

In addition to the building itself, the project also includes new entrances for the surrounding structures, a wide pedestrian bridge and a new circulation between the buildings.

Terrace on the roof of the anonymous room

Anonymous Hall meeting area