Student rates

Don’t give up on student debt, but reduce the interest rate

Published April 30

A way to manage student debt

Biden is looking closely at canceling student loans | April 29

There is a lot of talk about forgiving college debt in various amounts. As someone who went to college in the 1960s, I have long since repaid what I borrowed. I don’t think the government should cancel the debt. What Washington should do is buy up all university debt and charge the same rate the government is paying on 10-year bonds. The biggest problem many have with paying off their debt is the high interest rate that lenders charge. By virtually eliminating interest, payments would be significantly reduced.

Earl Waters, Saint PETERSBOURG

same old

The gap between perceptions and reality | Chronicle, April 28

I was hoping Cal Thomas’ column last week was a one-time event, but now I see that’s not the case. I know his columns over the years in other newspapers, and I see that nothing has changed. It begins with a general premise, “Never underestimate the ignorance of the vast American electorate,” then uses those who voted for Joe Biden as an example.

Now he wonders if there should be a ‘test’ for who can vote. In July 2017, I responded to a similar idea with a letter printed in these pages. “When were character and virtue ever a requirement for voting (now includes knowledge), and what standard of measurement would we use? Maybe we should only allow owners to vote, or how about using credit ratings? There are far better conservative columnists Tampa Bay Weather could choose over Cal Thomas.

Jim Stout, City of Dade

yes we are better

Better ? Really? | Letter, April 29

A letter to the editor asks: “Is the country better off now?” The writer then goes on to state, “I don’t know anyone who would believe that.” We are now experiencing record job gains, wage gains for low-income workers, and GDP growth not seen in decades (despite the recent blow). Also, we are out of Afghanistan. Inflation is skyrocketing worldwide amid the war in Ukraine and ongoing pandemic disruption. I might add that we still have a pandemic and the response to it was mishandled by the previous administration. Let’s not even dissect the optics of their attempt to blackmail Ukraine over military aid in exchange for political dirt. None of this fits the rage machine narrative. Yet everything is true. And, yes, I believe we are better off.

Terry R. Arnold, treasure island