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Dr. and Mrs. Cross pledge to invest in a new student center on the NCMC campus

Devoted supporters of North Central Missouri College, Dr. Albert D. and Carol Cross, once again pledge significant investment for a new student center on NCMC’s main campus as part of the upcoming Transforming Lives major gift campaign, Empower People. The couple are passionate about North Central Missouri College and helping to improve the lives of individuals through higher education.

Dr. Albert Cross and Mrs. Carol Cross

Dr. Cross, a 1947 graduate of Gilman City High School, loves school and is happy to have a college in Trenton. After serving in the Korean War, Dr. Cross enrolled in the University of Missouri School of Pharmacy and then the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. After graduating, Dr. Cross returned to open a family medicine practice in Trenton, where he practiced for more than 30 years. Access to state-of-the-art facilities and unlimited opportunities for NCMC students inspired Dr. Albert and Carol Cross to dedicate funds to previous campaigns, including the renovation of Geyer Hall and the construction of Dr. Albert and Vera Cross Hall . Through these investments, notes Dr. Cross, “we change the lives of nearly 1,800 people every year at NCMC, and we improve their lives, and for some of them, we dramatically improve their lives. I don’t know where you could invest and have that kind of impact. A college degree opens so many doors and gives people a chance for a much better life.

“Dr. Albert and Ms. Cross have an unparalleled love for the college,” commented Alicia Endicott, Director of Development at NCMC. “They understand that investing in a new student center now is an investment in future generations of students across the NCMC We have traditional and non-traditional students as well as local students in Trenton and those who commute many miles away.A Student Center will meet the needs of all NCMC students and be a valuable resource for the area.

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