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Edinburgh student sparked international panic after turning off his phone to study

An Edinburgh student who turned off her phone to study was found safe this week after her concerned parents raised the alarm when they could not contact for days.

Ruoxin Huang, 26, a postgraduate anthropology student at the University of Edinburgh, had failed to get in touch with her worried family for several days, prompting a call on social media, the Record reports.

Papa Min Huang said the family last spoke to the Chinese student on March 1, while her friends had not heard from her since March 8.

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The family said they spoke normally every Saturday and had become so anxious that they had no choice but to contact the Chinese consulate for help.

The missing case made headlines in China with the Beijing Evening News announcing that an “urgent” search was underway for the student.

The University of Edinburgh helped police find Ruoxin and discovered that her PhD tutor, Stefan Ecks, had received a message from her on Twitter on March 15.

They believed she was most likely in Bradford, Yorkshire, before starting her PhD in Scotland.

He said, “I received Huang Ruoxin’s last message on March 15 and replied to him today. She may not have realized everyone’s worries about her.

Friends contacted the student, who had no idea she was a missing person, as she had turned off her phone to write up a doctoral research project.

A university spokesperson said: “We have been liaising with police to support their investigations and are pleased to hear that the student has been found safe and sound.”

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Deputy Consul General Hou Danna at the Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh said: “The Chinese Consulate General always prioritizes the safety and well-being of Chinese students living and studying in Scotland.

“The Consulate General took immediate action upon receipt of the report on March 20.

“We have coordinated search efforts with the University of Edinburgh and other partners. Police Scotland have also been alerted to the incident.

“Thanks to the joint efforts of all parties, we were able to confirm that the missing Chinese student was found safe and sound on the same day.

“With the health, safety and well-being of Chinese students being our primary concern, we will continue to do all we can to support their stay in Scotland. ”