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Farmington man pleads guilty to death of Lakeville HS student

Hastings, MN (KROC-AM News) – A Farmington man pleaded guilty today to charges of homicide while driving a felony vehicle and operation of a felony vehicle following an earlier accident this year that killed a Lakeville High School student.

Alejandro Saavedra, 21, was arrested after the car he was driving slammed into a cement pillar of a parking ramp in Burnsville on the morning of April 9. One of its passengers, Sydney Kohner, 16, was pronounced dead at the scene. The Burnsville police report on the accident says another passenger, a 15-year-old girl, was fatally injured.

The criminal complaint says Saavedra rented two rooms at a Burnsville hotel and provided alcohol and controlled substances to teenage girls. He also admitted to investigators that he had taken cocaine before police responded to a noise complaint at the hotel around 6am.

Saavedra Complaint-Dakota County Court

Saavedra Complaint-Dakota County Court

The charges alleged that Saavedra and the girls fled the room and jumped into her car before driving out of the hotel parking lot at high speed. An officer responding to the noise complaint saw what was happening and tried to follow the car but lost sight of it before coming across the wreckage of the vehicle.

Court documents in the case also state that “the victims were on the phone at the time of the crash with a friend, where they can be heard yelling and shouting at the defendant, ‘no,’ ‘stop,’ ‘we’re getting off “Natur.” Evidence will show that the phone has gone silent and each victim can no longer be heard on the open phone line.

Zumbro Falls-area man sentenced for father’s murder

Zumbro Falls-area man sentenced for father’s murder

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