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Federal student loan pause set to end August 31

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — There has been a pause in federal student loan payments for more than two years now. If the break ends on the scheduled date of August 31, experts say payments may be due as early as September 1.

The Office of the Nevada State Treasurer recommends reviewing your student loans as soon as possible. Organizing a strict budget is highly recommended. Reevaluate your monthly budget in categories. Make your needs the top priority, like paying off your loan.

The Treasurer’s Office can help you with repayment plans and share ways to avoid defaults.

Dr. Tya Mathis-Coleman is Assistant Treasurer for College Savings in the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office. She shared that borrowers may not realize their loan could be forgiven, which is why getting help is so important,

“By contacting our office, we can really sit down with you and if you can’t get your loans forgiven, we can at least help you find a repayment plan that doesn’t stop you from living. We understand that people have to pay off their student loans, but they still have to pay their daily expenses, they still have to raise their families, and so we want to be able to help them so that it’s not a stressful thing that takes over their lives,” said explained Dr. Mathis-Coleman.

Personalized support and advice can make your loan repayment process easier. If you don’t have anyone to talk to at your facility, the Treasurer’s Office encourages you to contact them.

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