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Florida A&M University buys apartment complex to address student housing shortage

Florida A&M University has purchased the 118-bed Brooklyn Yard Light House apartment complex on Eugenia Street. The complex is on the northwest perimeter of campus. The university has entered into a management agreement with Off Campus Housing LLC.

The $12.65 million price includes 1.3 acres of vacant land that can be developed for housing and retail.

“This is a historic day for Florida A&M University. This is going to give us a presence along FAMU far beyond the roundabout,” FAMU President Dr. Larry Robinson said during the a press conference announcing the acquisition “This is an investment in the future of AMU.”

FAMU is trying to solve a higher demand for on-campus housing. Several aging residence halls are to be demolished, and the university plans to add up to 2,000 beds on campus over the next few years.

Ahead of the fall semester, with rising rental prices and an increase in the number of applicants for admission, the FAMU Housing Office saw an increase in applications for on-campus housing. But, Robinson says talks about acquiring the townhouse complex were already underway.

“We’ve been looking at that option here for years,” Robinson said. “It’s an important piece of the puzzle. We have much more important work to do. Our team is happy to take care of solving the rest of the puzzle.

Dr. Larry Robinson and FAMU leaders announce the purchase of additional student housing near campus.

University leaders also see the purchase as an opportunity to increase retention and graduation rates, while giving FAMU the flexibility to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The university claims that 75% of the complex’s current residents are FAMU students. Other tenants include FAMU employees and Florida State University students.

The Student Affairs Division plans to hold a competition to rename the residence.