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Government is investigating the case of a student who was allegedly forced to wear the hijab

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta A representative of the Yogyakarta Special Region administration claimed on Tuesday that there are sanctions for school organizations that force female students to wear hijabswhich comes after alleged reports from a student at a public high school in Banguntapan in the Bantul region.

“In the process that we are carrying out, if evidence later comes to light proving that the school management has committed an offence, they will surely have to be sanctioned,” said Didik Wardaya, the head of education, youth and of Yogyakarta Sports (Disdikpora) cited. on its official website on August 2.

Citing antaranewsthe local education agency said it had questioned the school principal, guidance teacher (BK), religion teacher and head teacher of SMAN 1 Banguntapan Bantul about allegations according to which a student was allegedly forced to wear a hijab or an Islamic headscarf.

Asked what penalties would be imposed on the school management if found guilty, Wardaya was unable to confirm in advance.

“Sanctions will have to be considered from Government Regulation No. 94/2021 on the discipline of state employees. From there we can see the seriousness of the violations if proven,” Didik said.

So far, he said, teachers suspected of being involved have given different explanations and further questioning needs to be carried out. Didik said that according to Permendikbud No. 45/2014, it was regulated that there should be no coercion to use certain religious attributes in public schools.

Schools cannot regulate or require students to use certain religious clothing designs as school uniforms, nor can they prohibit participants from wearing school uniforms with specific religious clothing designs based on the wishes of parents, tutors and students involved.

Previously, the representative of the Central Java Ombudsman who monitored the PPDB at SMAN 1 Banguntapan, Bantul Regency on July 19 received reports that a student had cried for an hour in the school toilet and a preliminary investigation had revealed that the student felt depressed after feeling pressured to wear a hijab in the school environment.


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