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Howard University President Says Student Center Occupation Protest “Must End” | News

President of Howard University Wayne AI Frederick urged student protesters to end their demonstration at a student center on campus.

“The occupation of central Blackburn must end,” he wrote in an open letter on Tuesday (October 26).

“There may be areas where we agree to disagree,” he said. “That’s the nature of a vibrant community. However, Howard University’s proud tradition of student protest has never been – and can never be – invoked to justify tactics that harm our students. The current occupancy of the Armor J. Blackburn Center deviates from past standards.

The protests began Oct. 13 and now, after taking over Blackburn University Center, some of the students are camping out in tents, according to local Washington station WTTG. At the center of their complaints are the poor housing conditions on campus, including mold and mice in the dorms.

“There is a stark difference between peaceful protest and freedom of expression and the occupation of a university building which impedes operations and access to essential services and creates health and safety risks,” he said. Frederick said.

According to The Washington Post, the largest cafeteria on campus is located in the occupied building, along with offices for student life and activities. The occupation forced the university to move a coronavirus testing site to the Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library at the university.

“It was sad,” Folasade Fashion Recount The post office, reacting to the president’s letter.

Fashina, an elderly person, attended the protests but lives off campus.

“This echoes many sentiments expressed in previous emails, in terms of trying to make this protest feel different from those in the past. They would rather attack [students’] credibility than doing their job,” Fashina continued.

Frederick addressed the housing conditions in his letter, saying that all students “deserve a top-notch dorm experience.”

“While there have only been a small number of documented facility reports regarding our entire inventory of residence hall rooms, we are actively investigating unreported issues that may be found in residence halls in going door to door interviewing and assisting every resident,” he said. declared.

In addition to setting the housing conditions, The post office said protesters had three other main demands: an in-person town hall with Frederick and other officials before the end of the month; the permanent reinstatement of student, alumni, and affiliate faculty positions who are removed from the school board; and legal, disciplinary and academic immunity for protesters.

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