Student loans

Is your massage school loan eligible for debt forgiveness?

High quality massage therapy training is necessary to become a successful and confident massage therapist. Average massage school costs between $3,000 and $11,000. Some massage therapy schools accept financial aid for full or partial payment, and student debt relief may soon be available for some graduates.

Types of student loans and aid

Americans applying for massage school have a variety of student loan and financial aid options handy, depending on the massage school. These include:

• Federal Pell Grants
• Federal Stafford Loans
• Federal Labor Study (FWS)
• Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

• Federal Parental Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
• Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan
• GI Bill®/ Veterans Assistance Grants

The staff at MASSAGE Magazine has curated this selection of articles and information to help prospective massage students and massage school graduates navigate obtaining financial aid, paying off loans, and applying for a grant. student loan debt relief.

Financial Aid Options

The website provides information about financial aid options available specifically for massage therapists.

Learn about the various financial aid options available to massage therapy students, including federal financial aid, service awards and work-study options, additional funding opportunities through government agencies; scholarships and charitable fundraising.

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Student Loan Debt Relief

The US Government’s Federal Office of Student Aid provides information on obtaining and repaying student loans and also explains student loan forgiveness.

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Article: “Types of financial aid: loans, grants and work-study programs”

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Before Applying To Massage School – What You Need To Know

MASSAGE Magazine offers articles and advice for prospective massage students, college students, graduates, and seasoned professionals.

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