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Launch of climate students and meet at Disrupt 2022 at our expense

Here is a fantastic opportunity for all student-led university-level climate startups determined to change the course of climate change. Buy a student pass for TC Sessions: Climate and the 2022 Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals — on June 14 in Berkeley, Calif. — and you’re eligible to apply for the TechCrunch Student Pitch competition.

TechCrunch wants to invite the best student-led climate startups to TC Disrupt 2022, our three-day flagship event from October 18-20. To that end, the pitch contest winners — we’ll select two — will each receive a free pass to Disrupt and a three-night stay at a San Francisco hotel.

The application process is simple, but urgent. Now is not the time to procrastinate. Here’s what you need to know to apply.

  1. Buy a student pass for the TC: Climate 2022 sessions.

  2. Moments later, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the student pitch competition application.

  3. Record a 60 second video of your presentation, answer a few questions about your startup and submit your video.

You must submit your presentation video and application no later than May 30. TechCrunch will review all submitted video pitches and notify the two winners on June 6.

What else can you expect from TC sessions: climate? Funding is heating up almost as fast as the planet. Climate tech startups received over $40 billion from investors last year, and you’ll hear from top VCs about what they’re investing in, current trends, and where they see growth opportunities. climate technology.

Grow your network using our AI-powered networking platform, CrunchMatch. It makes connecting with people who align with your business goals quick and painless. Host live or online meetings with founders, pitch investors, connect with hiring managers, or meet other students. CrunchMatch is a smart, targeted and effective way to maximize your time at TC Climate.

Don’t miss the expo where dozens of early-stage startups will showcase the latest climate technologies. Get hands-on in the demo area for a lab-to-table experience. Taste a variety of synthetic and lab-grown foods, then settle in to watch demonstrations of the latest green building techniques.

Buy a student pass for TC sessions: Climate, apply to the TechCrunch 2022 Student Pitch Competition by May 30, and you could win a Disrupt 2022 pass and a three-night hotel stay in San Francisco. Even better, you’ll walk away with practical advice, an expanded network, and a clearer view of your startup journey. We look forward to seeing you there!

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