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Leading student growth experts, Education Marketing Agency, transform sales and marketing for education service providers using innovative new techniques

Education Marketing Agency helps educational institutions to increase the number of students. The brand is on a mission to optimize marketing and sales for educational institutions and course providers.

Education Marketing Agency uses a tested, research-driven system they call “EduGrowth” to ensure student growth at any type of institution. The brand is on a mission to generate sustainable student enrollment for institutions and course providers worldwide.

The education industry’s leading student growth experts ensure sustainable student enrollments by offering education service providers a series of tried and tested sales and marketing systems that convert at a much higher rate than general industry practices.

This style of higher education marketing helps educational institutions showcase their services and demonstrate the value of these courses to students at a much higher level, resulting in higher on-page conversions for each class than the supplier wishes to fill.

Education Marketing Agency serves colleges, universities, academies, institutes and e-learning providers and helps them generate course leads and applications.

According to CEO Philip Smith, “Lead generation for education can be difficult without the right strategies, especially since most education ads don’t reach the intended target audience in the first place.”

Stephen Stewart, Marketing Director of the Education Marketing Agency, says: “Often, education service providers don’t properly chart the course of their students either. They don’t have the right ad structure, innovative formulas, or some sort of conversion rate optimized landing page. »

Education Marketing Agency Founding Team

Missing these critical milestones in a student’s journey can result in wasted $100,000 in ad spend each year and 1,000 missed enrollment opportunities.

Another huge mistake education providers make is failing to leverage their current traffic, emails, and acquired leads. This is where many course tracks and applications are made in the education industry. Prospective students have already interacted with the institution and just need a little more certainty before making their big buying decision.

Failing to optimize these parts of the journey is why most education service providers just think their ads aren’t working.

Education Marketing Agency is among the top rated education marketing agencies recognized as global education experts.

The Edugrowth system has helped educational institutions increase student numbers by up to 400% in less than 6 months. The 6-Step Electronic Growth System that stimulates growth in the number of students involves:

Step 1: Understand the institution’s unique selling point to define the target audience, competitors, market, and how to market online courses.

Step 2: Optimization of web pages of educational institutions and course providers. Education Marketing Agency explains that this helps showcase courses, invite potential students, and secure conversions. Their clever course sales optimization techniques place students at 10/10 on their certainty scale. A typical industry course landing page would only put a student at 5/10 on the certainty scale.

Step 3: Provide tested templates for landing pages where educational ads, course campaigns, etc. will be broadcast to attract prospects.

Step 4: Developing and Implementing Paid Advertising Strategies. Here, the brand helps educational institutions develop the best copy, call-to-action, graphics, and advertising structure. In this step, Education Marketing Agency also helps course providers to identify suitable channels to promote their courses.

Step 5: Email Automation, where the agency helps higher education and e-learning institutions automate their sales and new lead follow-up process.

Step 6: Customer relationship management is the last step. The agency helps manage relationships between institutions and prospective students.

The agency is proud of the USP that “we work on every part of your sales and marketing process to ensure you get incredible results working with us.”

Education Marketing Agency offers EDULaunch and EDUScale, service packages based on the size and needs of the educational institution.

EDUlaunch equips education and course providers with the right tools to launch new courses to get better results for their available budget. “Learn how to effectively manage leads, sales, and marketing for your courses and increase student enrollment.”

EDUScale helps course providers and educational institutions looking to constantly evolve and develop their institutions. “Get a lower cost per student and per lead to make your sales and marketing more effective and take your educational institution to the next level.”

The education marketing agency guarantees all clients that they will achieve a minimum 25% increase in course leads and applications within 90 days of implementing the EduGrowth system, or a full refund is provided .

A transformational journey for education service providers starts with Education Marketing Agency:

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