Student loans

LeBron James has a $1 billion fortune but still had a coy reaction when asked to pay off fan’s student loans

LeBron James is a man who could buy himself a small army, but he doesn’t owe anyone money just because they asked him to.

Athletes can be criticized for earning way above what they should be earning, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t earned it fairly. Each athlete is paid according to the audience they report. Yes, doctors and firefighters are more important, but in the entertainment business, money begets money.

LeBron James is no different, having earned every penny through hard work and his ability to sell himself. The fan-appointed heir to Michael Jordan’s retirement, LeBron lived up to his hype and more. It rightfully made him a billionaire last year, making him the first active athlete to do so.

A fan had the audacity to ask him last season to pay off his student loans. “Shoot your shot” must have crossed his mind, being so close to LeBron. What a fun way fate works: a fan can afford pitchside seats, but can’t pay their student loans. Bron was right to settle for a quick wry smile and then focus on the game.

Eagle-eyed fans point out that he was hurt, and it’s a clear grimace of pain, not a smile at the comment. That could very well be true, due to his injury struggles last season.

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LeBron James was out with an insignificant injury towards the end of the season – he will want to start with a bang

The audacity of some fans huh? A billionaire who runs a non-profit school donates to charity, yet one brave fan thought he’d be cheeky and ask for a small little waiver. On the side of the court, that too. The 4x champion takes all that into account and hopes for a season of revenge.

Last season was a disaster, and he will quickly want to erase it from everyone’s memories. The best way to do this is to get your hands on some team jewelry at the end of the season. He could have easily won the scoring title last season, but it looks like he chose not to.

2022-23 must be important for the Lakers because the Boston Celtics and their boisterous neighbor Clippers are surely better than them. They haven’t won a match in the “Battle of LA” in 8 consecutive times. Every Laker fan wants Banner no. 18, will Bron be at the origin of his hoisting?

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