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Letters: Investing in school sport, health education helps us all; Virginia student wants to know more about Maine

Investing in school sport, health education helps us all

Congratulations to all the high school basketball players, parents and staff who made this tournament so spectacular! As a Nokomis alum it has been an exciting season for me, but more important than the trophies is how he has brought communities together, especially after the challenges of the past few years. High school sports can teach us so much and truly change lives for the better. A special thank you to all the boosters who see the sport as a great investment in our future.
One of the significant benefits of school sports relates to the main problem that businesses in Maine have to solve – the high cost of health care and insurance. No one can sit on the bench on such an important issue. We need to train stars like nurses and fill key positions in our schools. The eating and fitness habits our children learn early put them on the right path to success, and we parents need to be good role models. Community programs for all ages at places like the YMCA are worth every penny. Physical inactivity, obesity and diabetes cost our country hundreds of billions of dollars each year, nothing kills more Americans than heart disease and stroke. Health care as a part of our GDP skyrocketed and swallowed up wage growth that should have boosted our paychecks. Investing in school sport and health education is a slam dunk that benefits everyone.

Orion Breen,

Virginia student wants to know more about Maine

Good morning! I am a third year student in Northern Virginia. Our class is studying the United States and I will be teaching our school the state of Maine. In May, I will be creating an exhibit for our State Fair that I hope will make you proud.
Although I have gathered facts about your state from books and websites, I believe I can receive the best information from the people who live there. This is why I am writing to you. I hope you would be willing to send me a few things to help me learn more about the best things in your state. You might consider sending items such as postcards, photos, memorabilia, that newspaper article, or any other unique item that would be useful or show your state pride. Here are some questions:
• Why do you live in your state?/What brought your family there?
• How do you make money?/What is your job?
• What is your condition like?
• What do people do for fun?
• What animals live there?
• What traditional foods/recipes does your state have?
• What type of music is native to your state?
• Do you have a national sports team?
• What geographic features are unique to your state?
I will have to gather all my information by the second week of May. You can send items to the address below. I really appreciate your help!

c/o Mr. Gilchrist’s class
The Langley School
1411 Balls Hill Road
McLean, Virginia 22101