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SNAP Calendar: Indiana’s Monthly EBT Benefits Start Rolling Out June 5

Curios when SNAP benefits will start hitting Indiana Hoosier Works cards (the state’s version of EBT)? Indiana sends benefits to recipients from the 5th to the 23rd of each month, based on the first letter of their last name.

Here’s how June breaks down accordingly:

If the surname begins with: Perks are available:
A or B June 5
String June 7
E, F or G June 9
H or I June 11
J, K or L June 13
M or N June 15
O, P, Q or R June 17
S June 19
T, U or V June 21st
W, X, Y or Z June 23

For more information on Indiana’s SNAP program for June 2022, click here.

Ford is investing $3.7 billion to produce two million electric vehicles by 2026

To further ease the crisis of rising gas prices, Ford announced it would invest $3.7 billion in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri as part of the company’s efforts to produce 2 million electric vehicles by 2026.

In addition to the economic impact such a decision could have, it will create 6,200 new unionized jobs, provide immediate health benefits to all hourly employees and convert 3,000 temporary employees to permanent full-time status, according to a press release. June 2 press release.

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GM slashes sticker price of Chevy Bolt, making it most affordable electric vehicle

Consider switching to an electric vehicle as gasoline prices continue to hit record highs? In a bold new move, General Motors has reduced the price of its Chevrolet Bolt to $26,595, making it the cheapest electric vehicle in the United States.

To learn more about the price cut and what it means for consumers looking to save on gas, click here for the full story.

When do SNAP benefits for June 2022 start being paid in Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, SNAP benefits are sent from the 5th to the 23rd of each month, based on the last two digits of your identification number. Here’s how the June schedule breaks down:

ID# ends with: Benefits available:
00-09 5 of the month
10-19 7 of the month
20-29 the 9th of the month
30-39 11 of the month
40-49 13 of the month
50-59 15 of the month
60-69 17 of the month
70-79 19 of the month
80-89 21 of the month
90-99 23 of the month

To learn more, click here.

Ohio SNAP recipients began receiving June 2022 benefits yesterday

In Ohio, SNAP benefits are administered by the Department of Employment and Family Services through the Ohio Board of Directors, the state’s version of EBT.

Here is how the benefits are distributed from the 2nd of the month:

The file number ends with: Benefits available:
0 June 2
1 June 4
2 June 6
3 June 8
4 June 10
5 June 12
6 June 14
seven June 16
8 June 18
9 June 20

To learn more about Ohio SNAP benefits in June, click here.

Which 10 states have the lowest gas prices right now?

Depending on where you live, you could be paying upwards of $6.25 per gallon for regular gasoline (or potentially more, since average AAA gasoline prices don’t account for individual gas stations, which could charge more). Here’s how the prices break down for the 10 states with the lowest gas prices:


  • Ordinary gas: $4.40
  • Intermediate gas: $4.70
  • Super Gas: $5.00
  • Diesel: $5.08

9. Tennessee

  • Ordinary gas: $4.39
  • Intermediate gas: $4.72
  • Super Gas: $5.06
  • Diesel: $5.44

8. South Carolina

  • Ordinary gas: $4.36
  • Intermediate gas: $4.70
  • Super Gas: $5.02
  • Diesel: $5.49


  • Ordinary gas: $4.36
  • Intermediate gas: $4.60
  • Super Gas: $4.89
  • Diesel: $5.10


  • Ordinary gas: $4.33
  • Intermediate gas: $4.60
  • Super Gas: $4.82
  • Diesel: $5.07


  • Ordinary gas: $4.32
  • Intermediate gas: $4.55
  • Super Gas: $4.84
  • Diesel: $5.10

4. Louisiana

  • Ordinary gas: $4.31
  • Intermediate gas: $4.62
  • Super Gas: $4.93
  • Diesel: $5.16

3. Arkansas

  • Ordinary gas: $4.29
  • Intermediate gas: $4.56
  • Super Gas: $4.87
  • Diesel: $5.20

2. Mississippi

  • Ordinary gas: $4.28
  • Intermediate gas: $4.57
  • Super Gas: $4.89
  • Diesel: $5.21

1. Georgia

  • Ordinary gas: $4.22
  • Intermediate gas: $4.57
  • Super Gas: $4.91
  • Diesel: $5.32

To see the full list of average gas prices in all 50 states, click here.

Michigan SNAP Benefits Begin Distributing Today for the Month of June

The State of Michigan sends SNAP benefits via the Michigan Bridge Card beginning on the 3rd of the month and ending on the 21st. Distribution is based on the last digit of your ID number, as follows:

Last digit of ID number Benefit filing date
0 June 3
1 June 5
2 June 7
3 June 9
4 June 11
5 June 13
6 June 15
seven June 17
8 June 19
9 June 21st

For more on Michigan SNAP benefits in June 2022, check out the full breakdown.

Gas prices have jumped 48 cents nationwide since the Russian-Ukrainian war

At the end of the Memorial Day weekend, AAA predicted that the slow rise of just a penny per gallon the previous week was “the calm before the storm.” Now prices have shot up as demand continues to climb.

“So far, pent-up wanderlust caused by the pandemic has outweighed high prices at the pump for many consumers,” AAA spokesman Andrew Gross said in an article. blog.

CNN reported that gas has risen 48 cents over the past month, now 32% more expensive than it was just before the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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