Student management

LLB student to participate in district panchayat elections

Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh): Candidates have filed nominations for panchayat, sarpanch, janpad panchayat and district panchayat membership for the upcoming three-tier panchayat elections.

Similarly, Kalpana Mandawe, (22), an LLB student, has applied for the position of district panchayat member of Ward No. 9, Taklikala Village, Khandwa District.

Speaking about his electoral plans, Mandawe said, “I am studying LLB at Khandwa Law College. The district panchayat member seat has been reserved for women ST. Now is the time for young people to go beyond political parties and take ownership of the management of our villages. So I decided to work in the rural areas and on Saturday applied for the post of district panchayat.

She further added that Taklikala village only has a school up to class VIII, children from the village and surrounding areas have to move to town for higher education. Gender inequality, rising illiteracy rates and other ills are still major issues in her village.

She aims to get a senior secondary school approved in her village and build a dam and ponds to solve the water problems in the village, now she wants to be part of the system to bring about meaningful changes in the lives of the villagers. His possible entry into local politics has become a major focus in village huts and other meeting places.

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