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Lyceum expansion plan submitted to ease demand for student places in Salford

A Salford high school built in 2015 is already considering expansion plans to meet student demands for places. All Hallows RC High School has submitted a planning application to Salford City Council for a larger play area, the first phase of the expansion plan.

This decision was made because the facilities do not meet the requirements for the current number of students at the school. The Eccles Old Road site agreed to take on an additional 25 Year 7 pupils per year in March.

The fenced grass area bounded by the existing playground, parking lot and playgrounds to the north of the school building will be replaced with new tarmac.

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An area northeast of the existing play area was also deemed suitable to create an additional play area. This area is at the bottom of the grassy bank between the playground and the all-terrain field – an underutilized area of ​​the specialized trade, enterprise and sports school.

“The proposed playground works detailed in this application are the first step in the proposed expansion of the school to accommodate additional places for children,” said a design and access statement. “The existing hard surface area used as a playground is struggling to meet the demands of the school with the current number of students.”

Salford City Council decided that to achieve this and to enable the increased cohort of pupils to move through the school, it would be necessary to make internal changes to support general education and areas of specialized education. In addition to this, it would be necessary to expand the existing dining room.

In order to meet immediate demand, the additional capacity created will also provide the local authority with an option for a more permanent solution if required. This expansion will come as a surprise to nearby residents given that the school was only built relatively recently, with work completed in September 2014.

It was officially opened by the Most Reverend John Arnold, Bishop of Salford, on April 29, 2015. Following a council briefing in March, Councilor Jim Cammell, Senior Member of Children and Young People’s Services, explained that Salford’s economic boom was leading to more families moving to town.

“Over the past four years, our secondary schools have created an additional 467 spaces in Grade 7 across the city and will add an additional 172 spaces for children entering high school in September,” he said.

“The Council forecast indicates a need for an additional 490 Year 7 places between 2023 and 2027. The new 750-seat Star Academy in Little Hulton, which is delivered by the government and is due to open in September 2023, will accommodate 150 pupils. per year and will help meet some of this growth.

“We will continue to work closely with academies and schools to identify ways to provide more places over the next five years.”