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Massive student loan news for New York State

The year is coming to an end and for those worried about paying off a federal student loan, Christmas may have come sooner. The snow has flown in and it sure feels like Christmas and now you might have some extra cash to help you tackle that holiday gift list.

The most difficult challenge for those seeking a higher education has always been how to repay the loans. There are some who are under a mountain of debt deeper than the snow banks around Buffalo this week. But, for now, the federal government is pushing back those payment deadlines.

New York State’s Most Competitive Colleges

Prospective students: Here are the colleges and universities in New York State that are really hard to get to – so prepare to work hard!

30 Famous People You May Not Know Were College Athletes

Stacker dug deep to find 30 celebrities who were formerly college athletes. There are musicians, politicians, actors, writers and reality TV stars. For some, a sports career was a real and promising possibility that eventually faded away due to injury or another vocation. Others have worked their way into a team and simply played for fun and the love of the sport. Read on to find out if your favorite actor, singer, or politician has ever worn a college jersey.