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Mays Landing, NJ Student with Gun Magazine & Bullets

A student from Oakcrest High School in Mays Landing, New Jersey, brought a loaded weapons magazine to a school-sponsored activity.

This is confirmed in a “Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians” email written by Oakcrest High School Principal Mike McGhee and Superintendent James Reina on June 13, 2022.

The email confirms that the gun magazine and bullets were in the unnamed student’s book bag, but no weapons were present.

The email begins:

We are writing to inform you of a school safety event that took place this afternoon off campus at a school sponsored event. Our Oakcrest Senior students were attending Lake Day at Egg Harbor City Lake.
At the end of the day, as the students were boarding the school buses back to Oakcrest, two students reported to our School Resource Officer that while another student was boarding the bus, a magazine for a gun fists and bullets had fallen from the students’ book bag. .

Later in the email, both administrators pointed out that no firearms were present.

Each of the school administrators’ email addresses are included in the communication and they have invited all students, parents and guardians with questions to contact them.

McGhee and Reina also stressed that they recognize the magnitude of an event like this.

They conclude by saying that with the information they have…they have no reason to believe there was any additional danger to staff and students.

Other than their joint email, no school administrator has publicly commented further on this school incident.

Further provisions regarding potential actions that may be taken by various statutory supervisory authorities are not known at this time.

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