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Murfreesboro City Schools is spearheading a new partnership with MTSU Assessment, Learning, and Student Success

(Murfreesboro, TN) Murfreesboro City Schools and MTSU Assessment, Learning, and Student Achievement (ALSS) Ed.D. The program announces a new collaboration to leverage expertise and resources through a research-practice partnership agreement. After months of planning, this formal collaboration will become a reality for MCS and MTSU doctoral students this fall, enabling research and planning for MCS initiatives.

“The MTSU ALSS Ed.D. develops doctoral-level expertise through systematic and sustained cycles of inquiry in real-world educational environments. This collaborative partnership exemplifies and amplifies this applied learning with mutual benefits. We are very excited to the idea of ​​this trip together”, says ALSS Ed.D. Program Director Dr. Kevin S. Krahenbuhl. Program.

Doctoral students now have the opportunity to focus their learning on a local and real environment and have access to relevant and timely subjects and schools to carry out this research.

This agreement allows doctoral students to work on concrete issues that we are considering and allows us to apply the results to the current educational environment of our district. said Dr. Trey Duke, principal of the schools. “Research data will be shared with MCS leaders to help with strategic planning within our schools. »

Examples of research may include topics around the effectiveness of one-to-one tutoring with respect to student gains, or the effects of an aggressive school truancy plan on truancy rates.

Additionally, MCS employees who enroll in the ALSS Ed.D. program will discover course topics and assignments that are relevant to their classrooms and daily work.

According to Murfreesboro City Schools, it is the 22nd largest school district in Tennessee with 13 schools serving over 9,500 students.