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Focus on Schools: KSU’s New Multicultural Student Center

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Today’s episode is about Kansas State University’s new multicultural student center.

Focus on Schools Episode 9: KSU’s New Multicultural Student Center

Kansas State University opened a brand new building last month. The Morris Family Multicultural Student Center is a space for campus organizations to advance student diversity, social justice, and inclusion. The team of architects and designers behind the project was mostly made up of women.

In this episode of Schools In Focus, I spoke to Ishita Banerjii, Project Architect at Hollis + Miller, to talk about the new Multicultural Student Center. The building includes various gathering spaces such as dance studios, meeting rooms and a commercial kitchen.

We discuss the vision behind the center, how the team incorporated feedback from many student groups, and the importance of having a multicultural student center on the Midwest campus.

KSU Multicultural Student Center.  Courtesy of Hollis + Miller.

“Long term, KSU sees this as an opportunity to grow enrollment on campus,” Banerjii says. “Being in the Midwest, it’s hard to say how welcoming they are to the multicultural community or the diversity on campus. Essentially, they see this as an opportunity to reach students who would not consider KSU solely for its location or the possibility of being accepted or not on campus.

Listen for more about the new building.

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