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New Student Center to Introduce First University Brewery on Michigan Campus | News

The new student center is currently under construction and is expected to open in the summer of 2022.

A brewery is under construction at Western Michigan University’s new student center, which will open in the summer of 2022. The on-campus pub and restaurant will showcase Southwest Michigan brewing and beer culture and provide space for talented students.

The on-campus pub will be the first of its kind in a Michigan public school. The space will include an outdoor patio overlooking the South Campus and Kalamazoo.

The unique space is designed to attract visitors from all parts of the WMU community and the Kalamazoo community.

“It’s an opportunity to have professors, staff and students engaged together,” said Paul Terzino, director of the New Student Center and the Bernhard Center. “I can really imagine undergraduates or graduate students and their professor coming in for a glass of wine and a chat.”

Entertainment will contribute to the pub environment. Students will be encouraged to show off their talents at events such as poetry slams and group performances.

“We’re going to have space in the pub for staging, lighting and sound. We will have entertainment there mainly in the evenings and weekends, ”Terzino said.

Students are eagerly awaiting this unique space.

“Honestly, I feel like I go maybe a few times a week, it sounds really cool,” said Ben Ward, a sophomore student at WMU majoring in music education.

Additionally, the pub will be linked to WMU’s sustainable brewing program, allowing students to showcase their academic efforts.

“A student can have a final project which is a beer they brew and we could showcase it in the pub,” Terzino said.

The atmosphere will be focused on the pleasure of beers and responsible consumption.

“We will partner with the university’s Department of Health Promotion and Education (HPE) to develop programs and messages around responsible and safe behavior in an environment like this,” Terzino said. .

Education on drinking behavior will come from peer-led counseling as well as direct and indirect contributions from staff.

Beer and wine will be served alongside pub-style dishes. No pitcher, alcohol or special will be sold. The space will be open to people of all ages.

As a state entity, WMU lobbied for legislative approval for authorization to obtain a third-party catering license. A third-party operator will be responsible for obtaining an alcohol license and ensuring the legal sale of alcohol on campus.

All servers will be trained in Response Procedures (TIPS) to serve alcohol responsibly. A supplier has not yet been selected to operate the location.

The pub will be accessible from 20 new one-hour parking spaces in front of the new student center, approximately 60 spaces in the visitors’ park in front of Henry Hall and a nearby WMU bus stop. Additional parking will be available on evenings and weekends, when fewer restrictions will be placed on metered parking and employee “R” lots.