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‘No student was raped, we didn’t take any pregnancy tests’ – Chrisland school finally responds and makes more shocking revelations

A day after the Chrisland Schools students’ child sex tape went viral, the schools management has denied claims that they carried out a pregnancy test on one of their female students.

Kemi Filani news had reported on the alleged sex video of some school students who traveled to Dubai to represent the school in a sports competition that appeared online.

In a video posted Monday, April 18, the mother of the woman in the alleged sex video via music label boss-turned-blogger Ubi Franklin, alleged her daughter was “raped” after being forced to take a “substance by his classmates.

The mother also alleged that school authorities knew about the sex tape and kept her away from her for over a month. She alleged that during this period, school authorities carried out pregnancy tests on her daughter and even warned her never to tell her mother what happened in Dubai.

However, in a statement released by school advisory board member Akin Fadeyi, school authorities say these were COVID19 tests and not pregnancy tests they conducted on all students who undertook. the trip to Dubai. The school also said that of the 77 students who represented the school at the event, only six were involved in the misconduct. The school said that in Dubai it had ensured that students were kept in separate rooms, with the boys on the 4th floor of the hotel where they were staying while the girls were accommodated on the 11th floor. The school claims that none of the students under its supervision have been raped. He mentioned some centers where COVID19 tests were carried out on students and asked people to confirm their claims.

Full statement below.
“We have been following reports making the rounds of some developments bordering on morals and ethics from some of the students in our care, who represented the school at the World School Games, in Dubai, from 8 to March 14, 2022.

While we understand the emotions this has generated, we assure the public that our first approach as an institution has been to assume parental roles by offering support to those involved and ensuring that nothing affects their valued.

However, after a full assessment of the situation, we cannot help expressing how outraged and distressed we feel as mothers, fathers and educators in the face of a relationship that has a direct bearing on the development of those involved. .

Nonetheless, we have taken a critical view of the number of students who have participated in this recent trip and who have done the school proud in our quest to broaden the horizons of our students holistically through global exposure, which takes into account a healthy development of mind, body and spirit through sporting commitments.

Of the 76 children who represented Chrisland, 71 upheld our standards, adhering to established regulations and code of conduct, while making us very proud in the process. Within these 71, we have kept our girls on the 11th floor and the boys on the 4th floor to draw clear lines that respect moral boundaries.

We were, however, obliged to engage with the parents of the remaining students who unfortunately became involved in misbehaviour, and in accordance with our code of conduct processes, which are well known to parents, we issued measured reprimands to instill in them a sense of discipline and as a deterrent to others.

It was also to warn our students about the need to stay on the path of resisting evil influences.

The disciplinary action was intended not to undermine our cohesive culture as a community of future leaders and committed teachers, but to assert itself by imparting the kind of discipline that seeks to correct and reform our children, when they stray from the path of righteousness. .

Although we hasten to say that as an institution dealing with children from diverse backgrounds, we cannot claim or undertake a sense of complacency in our approach, but we are learning and growing every day within the framework best practices. .

So, as we recognize that there will always be room for improvement, we are irrevocably committed to reassessing our processes to strengthen child protection protocols, even as we will spare no effort to ensure that the sense of The esteem of the children involved is preserved without compromise.

We have activated child protection processes and will use the expertise of child psychologists to ensure that we translate this impact to the benefit of the children in our care.

We will therefore not give way to less empathetic feelings about the effects of the current situation on our children.

We all implore each other as stakeholders to work together as partners in development, rather than facilitators of withdrawal. For every comment we make at this delicate time, we must remember that those affected are children and as such they deserve our very responsible handling of this situation so as not to affect their mental health, while we seek to dispel this temporary fog in the path of their growth.

That’s why, regardless of the currently charged emotions, we must strive to keep a cool head while carrying off the authorities in ways that leave nothing hidden, especially since we had nothing to hide.

We are proud to reassure our stakeholders that no rape of anyone or the administration of a pregnancy test to a child has taken place under our watch. To emphasize, only post-travel COVID testing was performed on our students’ returning delegation, in accordance with COVID-19 travel protocols, at Life Center Medical Services on March 21, 2022, at School Hall, Opebi.

This was done through the nasal swab test as per COVID-19 health protocols. We hope this can be verified at the source provided.

To insinuate that a pregnancy test was taken on a student, for whatever reason, is therefore a very unfortunate conjecture.

Nonetheless, our processes would be readily open to scrutiny by regulators and stakeholders at the first indication of this, to allow for scientific or forensic inspections to take place.

We’re sure this will dispel any shred of doubt or blurry optics that the current flurry of activity may have caused.

Finally, we assure parents and guardians that we are fully aware of the duty of care entrusted to us and that we would never betray it, as we are more than ever determined to work harder to maintain and strengthen the trust placed in us. granted.

We refuse to indulge or give credence to the sentimental schemes seeking to further fuel this crisis with various interpretations that have invaded the social media space.

The only account we are held accountable for is how well the children in our care have been handled, as we have excelled in the past 45 years of our existence as an educational institution. , and to ensure that, in all of this development, the only winners here will be this child.