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Now-retired Indiana teacher arrested after video showed him hitting student | national news

Between parenting policy, after-school programs, and PTA meetings, navigating school districts can be tricky — and choosing the district that’s best for your child is even harder.

Stacker analyzed 2021 data from Niche to calculate the best school district in each state. Niche rankings are based on US Department of Education statistics, SAT/ACT scores, college readiness, teacher quality, and graduation rates. Of course, grades are one thing and experiences are another. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do your research and learn about the families, teachers, and students in a given district before basing something as big as a move on a particular school.

Various districts prioritize funding for different programs, and some have a better knack for hiring and retaining challenging teachers. For some districts, it seems like a numbers game with no thought about the learning environment. Still other districts encourage children to explore their passions and make friends, but fall behind academically. A top school district is not just one or the other; it is a combination of both.

Keep reading to see how your district ranks or to narrow down your search for where you plan to move and raise a family.

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