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NYC High School Student Stabbed Multiple Times While Other Students Record, Watch – OutKick

A high school student was repeatedly attacked and stabbed in a violent and disturbing incident at a school in Utica, New York.

Unsurprisingly, the meeting was filmed and shared on social networks. The victim, who is Asian, is seen walking down a hallway while the attacker, who is black, chases her.

The victim fights back after the attacker can clearly be seen using a knife to stab or attempt to stab his classmate.

One of the most concerning aspects of this incident is the number of students who observed or recorded it without intervening or attempting to help.

How did no one step in at any time to try to prevent this from happening?

The attack continues for some time before a teacher rushes in to grab the knife and stop the fight.

Once again, attacks like these are part of a larger trend of lawlessness across the country. As a result, crime rates have increased dramatically. Companies are also forced to reconsider their locations.


A student at Proctor High School in Utica, New York, chases another student before attacking and stabbing the student wearing the blue sweatshirt.

The attack on the students represents the crime of New York

Especially in New York, crime has become a growing problem for residents.

While the left, like Governor Kathy Hochul denying that a problem exists, voters face the fallout of their policies.

The collapse of security in New York helped propel Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin to surprising poll results.

OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out that voter frustrations could help carry Zeldin to Albany:

If Zeldin wins, he will only be the second Republican governor since 1975 and the first since 2007.

The crime along with the general lawlessness shown in this video is one of the main reasons it has a substantial chance to upset.

It will also be fascinating to see if the media chooses to cover this in any meaningful way. Often their interest in a story revolves entirely around the race or ethnicity of both the abuser and the victim.

The media chooses to focus on their favorite stories, and this incident doesn’t fit perfectly with their preconceived beliefs.

Welcome to New York 2022.