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Opening of the new student center postponed to 2023 | New

Vice President of Student Affairs Diane Anderson and Vice President of Business and Finance Jan Van Der Kley announced Friday afternoon that the opening of Western Michigan University’s new student center will be delayed until January 2023.

The delay will add another six months to the project which began in September 2019, bringing the creation to almost four years. The companies behind the building’s design and construction say foundation beams requiring additional reinforcement are the cause of the delay.

Teams will immediately begin a full structure analysis to formulate a solution and determine how they will best rectify the problem. This, combined with the nationwide shortage of building materials, a tight labor market for contractors, and other supply chain issues, prevented the university from giving a concrete new date or timeline for the completion of the student center.

During the delay, students are recommended to use spaces such as the Bernhard Center and the Valley Dining Center to meet their daily needs. Registered student organizations will still be able to reserve and use rooms along with their existing spaces in the Bernhard Center and Sangren Hall, while student media such as the Western Herald and WIDR will remain in Faunce Student Services.

Updates and new information regarding the construction and completion of the center will be relayed on the Student Center Construction website. The university plans to release an update to the public regarding the building’s progress in early September.