Student management

Pulaski County Special School District Provides Student-Athlete Participation Opportunities

School sports programs teach students many important life skills, including balance, time management, and hard work. The Pulaski County Special School District is proud of the many accomplishments of our student-athletes and athletic programs, both on and off the field. Each of the four PCSSD feeders has its own athletic director who oversees the success of student-athletes on and off the field.

“Statistics have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities in high school get better grades, have higher graduation rates, fewer discipline issues, and increased opportunities for college scholarships,” he said. said athletic director Joe T. Robinson High School. Todd Escola. “At Robinson, we not only encourage all students to get involved, but we strongly encourage students not to major. We want our student-athletes to be well-rounded and involved in more than one sport or activity! Try out a sports team, join the band or choir, find an organization or club on campus to connect with!

Football at Mills High School

Mills University Studies High School Athletic Director Raymond Cooper, said, “Today’s student-athletes are students FIRST. The days of athletes passing themselves off and not succeeding academically are long gone. The training and rigor needed to succeed has increased dramatically. The sport has become year-round. There is no longer any off-season. »

Denny Tipton, The athletic director of Sylvan Hills High School, said his favorite part is watching the students grow: “I encourage our coaches to come into the halls of their schools to get to know the students, which makes them want to participate to sports if there is already a relationship with the coach. I love when athletes succeed in the classroom and on the field.

Kudos to Sylvan Hills High School

Meanwhile, great things are happening at Maumelle High School. sports director Kirk Horton is excited to see the upcoming additions come to life. “Maumelle High School is in the process of acquiring a new baseball field, softball field, regulation track (with an indoor grass field where soccer or football could be played) and a sports facility. indoor workout. This will allow our student-athletes to train and play games on campus. The project will also give a facelift to our current sports complex and modernize all our athletics facilities. The project is expected to start in 2022 and end in the fall of 2023. This will be a huge selling point for future listings.

Maumelle High School’s $11 million project is part of PCSSD’s Building for the Future bond restructuring that passed voters in November 2021.

The PCSSD Athletics Department provides opportunities for student-athletes to get involved in various athletic teams. While striving for excellence, athletic programs serve as an extension of the school district’s academic goals, supporting success in the classroom as well as on the field. PCSSD Athletic programs aim to instill loyalty, teamwork, and leadership while maintaining honesty and integrity in each student-athlete.