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State withholds release of test scores of allegedly poor students until after election

In a cheeky political move, California Superintendent of Instruction Tony Thurmond and the California Department of Education announced they would not release statewide student test scores until the November elections.

“In a significant change, the California Department of Education is suspending the release of Smarter Balanced test scores students took last spring until an undetermined date later this year,” EdSource reported Thursday. “The result will be a delay of several months before the public can see English, math, and science results for the state, districts, schools, and charter schools.”

Tony Thurmond. (Picture: Wikipedia)

“The fact that the department is unwilling to release now suggests the scores will be lower and the current state superintendent does not want to be held accountable for the results,” said Lance Christensen, candidate for superintendent of the state. California public instruction at the Globe on Friday.

Districts have had initial access to their own Smarter Balanced test results since early summer and reliable data since early August, EdSource reported.

“If California state test scores mirror the recent implosion in national test scores, it is likely that state results will show a catastrophic drop in student achievement with massive learning losses in math and in English,” Izumi, senior director of education studies at the Pacific Research Institute told The Globe. “With no valid reason to withhold the test results, one can only assume that Superintendent Thurmond’s decision to withhold the results is politically motivated during an election year.”

EdSource continued, “The state has refused to release test results to EdSource despite an Aug. 5 letter to districts, county offices of education, and charter schools telling them the results were not available.” not embargoed” and that they “are encouraged to use their findings for local planning, including public meetings with their local board.

Reopen California Schools took note: “Wow! @TonyThurmond keeping test results secret until after the November election is not only politically motivated, but it further harms California school children. Give responsibility to #SPI mandate by voting for @Lance4CASuper this month of November.

“Tony Thurmond has stood idly by and let the governor and teachers’ unions lock down California schools during the pandemic,” Christensen said. “They [unions] has Tony Thurmond’s lock, stock and cylinder.

Christensen is right. This tweet and attachment shows just how much the CTA spends on Democrats in California: “California Teachers Association Mails Final Installment for State Government Buyout.”

“The denial of EdSource’s request to release test score data comes at a time when educators are concerned about the impact of the pandemic on progress in reading and math, especially in the early grades.” , said EdSource. “The release of the scores ‘later this year’ means the public will know the spring test results for third graders who are now well into fourth grade.”

“The California Department of Education told EdSource that it is withholding the scores now, so they can be released concurrently with other data for the California Schools Scorecard, such as student attendance rates. student truancy, suspension rates, and chronic absenteeism rates,” EdSource said.

Lance Christensen. (Photo: Lance Christensen for Superintendent of Public Instruction)

“The more I learn about the Department of Education, the less impressed I am,” Christensen said.

Called a ‘troublemaker’ by three major newspapers after refusing to endorse it, Christensen said: ‘I’m really thrilled to be called a ‘troublemaker.’ I will hold people accountable.

Lance Christensen said that when people told him that the superintendent of public instruction should be appointed by the governor rather than elected by the people, he was telling them that the founders of California disagreed. They specifically wrote in the California State Constitution that the people choose the best education officials, to ensure that our education system is the best education system in the entire world, he explained.

“Right now, our education system is the laughingstock of the world,” Christensen said.

The Superintendent of Schools is actually responsible for 2,400 employees and a budget of $1.75 million. “This report should have been done within two hours of receiving the data from school districts across the state,” Christensen said.

“My 15-year-old can build an app to share that data faster than Thurmond’s Department of Education has done in four years.”

“Right now, we don’t know what we don’t know,” Christensen added. “Why does Tony Thurmond think he deserves a second shot at Superintendent?”

“It is absolutely unconscionable for State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and the CDE to withhold students’ test results from the public when those results have been available for months in local school districts,” Izumi said. “CDE’s lame excuse that it is trying to ‘finalize’ the results does not hold water given that reliable results have been available for districts since the beginning of August, that individual districts such as the school district of Los Angeles have communicated to parents and the public. in their communities”.

“The denial of these test results not only undermines the ability of parents and the public to hold an elected official like Superintendent Thurmond accountable for his performance, but it is also, according to some legal sources, a possible violation of the law on the state public records,” Izumi continued. “There has been a failure of leadership in California public education during the COVID pandemic, ranging from schools being closed too long to extremely inefficient remote learning practices. Withholding these test results looks like an attempt to cover up the results of this failure, and again the victims are children in California.

Christensen added, “There are no reforms that will fix education in California until the teachers’ unions don’t exist.”

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