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Student accommodation in Belgium is becoming unaffordable and rare to find

Students looking for accommodation in Belgium for the upcoming academic year have faced unique challenges.

Although the new academic year is months away, students living in Belgium have become very unaffordable and rare to find, reports

According to De Morgen, the Ghent office for student accommodation has received a record number of calls from those wishing to find accommodation. The office said around 340 people tried to reach by phone in the first two hours after a new dorm opening was posted online.

The difficulty in finding accommodation during studies has been noticed by students, parents and various organizations.

Commenting on the current situation, a student said that it has become almost impossible to find an affordable place because every opening always closes immediately.

Given current trends, the shortage in the housing market and prices are expected to increase continuously.

De Morgen revealed that property expert Stadim and accommodation manager Diggit Studentlife calculated last year that around 95,000 new rooms needed to be added by 2030 in order to meet student accommodation needs.

In the same report, it was noted that prices are expected to rise even more due to rising energy prices and inflation. It was recently estimated that the room rate for students has already increased by nine percent.

The price increase was noticed by everyone, especially parents. A parent looking for a room for his son says prices have gone up by €50. He said a lot of the rooms they checked last year cost around €380, while this year they went up to around €430.

Unlike Belgium, Norway has already allocated a fund for new student accommodation. Norway’s Minister for Research and Higher Education, Ola Borten Moe, said rent is the biggest expense for students. For this reason, the responsible authorities have decided to intensify their efforts.

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Education, the government has allocated a fund of 43 million euros for new student accommodation. The fund will be distributed to eight organisations, with the main beneficiary being Northern Norway, along with Finnmark, Nordland and Tromso. The latter will receive around 8 million euros for 200 dormitory units.

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