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Student arrested for selling chocolate bars containing drugs in Hyderabad

Posted: Posted Date – 9:24 PM, Sat – Nov 5, 22

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Hyderabad: A business management student pursuing his studies at a foreign university has been arrested by Hyderabad police for allegedly selling drug-containing chocolate bars in the city after marketing it through social media platforms.

Rishi Sanjay Mehata (22), a resident of Narsingi, has already been implicated in two NDPS cases and is believed to have absconded. Police seized 48 chocolate bars containing drugs, 40 grams of hash oil and a cell phone.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand said Sanjay, watching YouTube, was preparing the chocolates at his home after buying the market bars and hash oil from a Rama Rao of Chinthapally in Vizag, Bonala Vinod , K Srikanth Yadav and C Rohit, from Hyderabad.

Sanjay had been addicted to ganja and hash oil since his college days and to earn money to meet his expenses he started dealing drugs. Recently, he learned the art of making chocolate bars.

“Sanjay bought chocolates in bulk from a store and with his own recipe he prepared the drug bars by adding hash oil. He mixed 40ml of hash oil to 4kg of chocolate bars and sold it at the market. He used to market through social media platforms like snapchat, instagram and chocolate. The delivery was done by Rapido, Uber or in person and the money was received through e-wallets,” Anand said.

A bar of chocolate was sold to drug dealers for a price of between Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 5,000 and each bar could be made into 15 uniform pieces which, depending on demand during parties, were sold at a price of Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,500, the commissioner added.