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Student Center North stairs glass shatters

Barricades shortly appeared around broken glass on the first floor of SC North. | Jhair Romero / The Cougar

The glass on the north staircase of the student center broke today.

The glass landed on UH student and chemical engineering junior Sebastian Garcia.

“I was just doing my homework and I felt a bunch of stuff fall on me,” Garcia said. “I looked up at the glass of the broken staircase. It’s all in my hair and on my laptop.

The student center staff and guards quickly barricaded the area and cleared the glass.

While only part of the glass panel broke, the staff ended up breaking the whole panel during the cleaning process.

“I’m still a bit shaken, to be honest,” Garcia said. “I did not understand everything”

UH spokesman Chris Stipes said emergency personnel were called out of “an excess of caution.”

“We understand how surprising it must have been to those nearby at the time,” Stipes said. “UH Facilities is investigating the cause and repairs are expected to begin soon.

This story will be updated as new information is released.

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