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Student Experience Project webinar to discuss how universities can better address educational inequality

According to organizers, those who attend this deployment webinar will be among the first to hear the results of the SEP’s new report, “Increasing Equity in the Student Experience: Results from a National Collaboration,” which outlines how universities can better address educational inequalities and effect change to support the well-being, engagement, and educational outcomes of all students.

As part of the webinar, a panel will discuss the impact of classroom and institution-focused changes to boost student belonging and academic success based on a data set of 10,000 student experiences . Additionally, attendees will receive scalable, evidence-based tools to strengthen student belonging and other aspects of the student experience that increase student success.

Organizers said SEP’s goal is to have the results of this coalition serve as a model for universities to increase graduation rates and overall positive experiences for students.

“Research shows that several aspects of the student experience, including social connectedness and identity security, have a direct impact on academic success,” said Samantha Levine, associate director of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. “We are thrilled to release the results of a years-long review of impactful, evidence-based practices that instructors and institutions can use to improve student experience and increase student success.”

Launched in 2019, SEP builds on CSU’s two-decade commitment to student success. SEP is in partnership with the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, Coalition of Urban Serving Universities; College Transition Collective; educational advisor; and PERT: Evolving Educational Research Project.